Catford Chippy

Having to wait while a battered fish is cooked in front of you, fresh, can only be a good thing – it means you’re not getting some dried up fish that may have been fried hours/ days ago and kept warm since.

And that was the perfect scenario when we wandered into Catford Chippy earlier this evening, and ordered fish and chips twice, mushy peas and curry sauce with the two super helpful ladies working behind the counter. They asked if we’d mind waiting while they fried the fish and, on wrapping (coated in salt and vinegar of course) went to pain-staking lengths to differentiate the cod from the haddock for us (haddock’s wider at one end, almost triangular whereas cod’s long and narrow all the way down. Who knew? Certainly not me).

Catford Chippy is in a busy, central spot on Rushey Green – opposite Catford Broadway and the Broadway Theatre – and has a couple of tables with chairs (which makes for comfortable waiting, or you could eat in).

Camera Roll-523 - cod and chips from Catford Chippy
Half a cod and chips

Theirs are *proper-fish-and-chip-shop* fish and chips: chips are nice and chunky, crisp enough on the outside and fluffy in the middle, without being at all greasy, while the fish (both cod and haddock alike) had no trace of grease (given they’re deep fried too); just flakey, moist white fish in crispy batter, filleted without a trace of any over-looked bones, and – very importantly – no skin.

It’s so disappointing if a fish has been fried, encased in its batter shell, without the skin being removed first (the delight of tearing open the parcel to get to the prize inner content turns quickly to annoyance if I have to unhelpfully pick off a layer of skin in the middle. Grrr etc).

Camera Roll-520 - haddock and chips from Catford Chippy
Haddock and chips

There are a few different fish on the menu including Rock and Hake (large size seem to vary between £5.00 and £5.30) as well as burgers, saveloy sausages and many more accompaniments.

~ Lardbutty rating: 3.5 / 5
~ Type: British, fish and chips
~ Address: 177-181 Rushey Green, Catford, London
~ Postcode: SE6 4BD
~ Tel: 020 8695 0050
~ Nearest train stations: Catford Bridge or Catford
~ Location: Catford Chippy map

Nearby dining:
~Catford Bridge Tavern
~El Poco Mexico

Best fish and chips:
~ Kennedy’s – Streatham Hill
~ Seafresh – Pimlico

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10 Responses

  1. […] It was so crisp and delicious there’s no way I could have left the skin (ok, my moan about fish skin on Saturday was only about battered, fish-and-chip-shop fish) and the blend of flavours of roasted […]

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  3. […] LINKS Nearby dining – Catford SE area: ~ Catford Bridge Tavern ~ Catford Chippy ~ El Poco Mexico ~ Mekan ~ Sapporo […]

  4. I have only tries the chips here so looking forward to trying the fish. You should try the recently opened Oh My Cod on Catford Hill. Love the name. Quite smart decor, sweet staff and great fish and chips (cooked to order) although think the skin is on unless you ask. I like the skin! It also comes in a box which is less traditional but I’m a fan.

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