Roadhouse American diner

Roadhouse on Urbanspoon

There are plenty of post-Christmas dining offers at the moment and Roadhouse is currently offering 50% off food, a free cocktail each and drinks thereafter at happy hour prices.

I visited with a group of friends on a Tuesday night but – as it was busy and had a good atmosphere – it felt more like a weekend. Service was exceptionally good: very friendly, helpful and attentive (big thanks to the waitress from Middlesborough – I’ve forgotten her name).

The American-style burgers (no, not like MacDonald’s) are really good. I’ll keep Roadhouse in mind for future mid-week outings.

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 3.5 / 5
~ Type: American
~ Address: 35 The Piazza, Covent Garden, London
~ Postcode: WC2E 8BE
~ Nearest tube stations: Covent Garden, Charing Cross
~ Website + menus: Roadhouse website
~ Location: Roadhouse Covent Garden map


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