Treasures of the British Library

I was in the King’s Cross area earlier so incorporated a visit to the UK’s national library, The British Library, in my day.

In the Sir John Ritblat Gallery: Treasures of the British Library, you can see Lewis Carrol’s original manuscript of Alice’s Adventures Under Ground, early town-planning maps proposed for New York, a Beatles exhibit containing original lyrics (one by John, scribbled on the back of his son Julian’s first birthday card), photos and memorabilia, Captain Scott’s final diary entry, Shakespeare’s First Folio, Handel’s original score of Messiah, the Magna Carta and the Gutenberg Bible (one of the first printed books) among other historic scripts.

It’s worth making a special visit to see this gallery at any time, but definitely so if you’ve a couple of hours to kill in the King’s Cross area. Admission to the Sir John Ritblat Gallery is free.

~ British Library website


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  1. […] enter represents a different element of Alice’s story (this year is the 150th anniversary of Alice’s Adventures Under Ground by Charles Dodgson, pseudonym Lewis Carrol – the original manuscript can be seen at The […]

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