Make Michelin quality food without dirtying your nails

“At The Kitchen you experience, first hand, how to create great tasting food from the finest ingredients with Michelin Star Chef Thierry Laborde and his team” so says The Kitchen’s website.

This is true: you can book a session and create – or assemble – some really tasty dishes that are mostly prepared, in advance, by The Kitchen’s chefs. Only the best quality ingredients are used, and you can take the final tasty product away to cook at home.


I went yesterday and “created” a mousaka. This involved putting the prepared meat mixture, sauce and cooked aubergines in layers into a tin, before handing the tin back to the chef for seal-packaging, ready to cook at home.

I also made a chicken masala as I love cooking Indian food and was keen to improve on my own recipes with that of a Michelin star chef. However, the masala sauce had been made in advance – my task was to slice an additional chilli (if desired) and stir.

When I asked for the masala recipe the chef had used I was told it could only be given if I emailed to request it later.

The food I took home was top quality and fabulously tasty, and I spent a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours with friends, doing something sociable that we wouldn’t ordinarily do together (while sipping wine).

I recommend The Kitchen to anyone who’d like a relaxing, fun few hours doing something a bit different with friends. But don’t expect to learn anything about cooking from this “new culinary experience” unless you’ve never been in a kitchen before.

~ Recipease – cooking shops
~ Photos at The Kitchen


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