Nancy Lam’s Enak Enak

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Nancy Lam’s Enak Enak – Lardbutty restaurant of the week

Not only is the food superb but Nancy Lam is – invariably – wandering around the restaurant saying hello to all guests and ensuring everyone’s happy. It’s a very comfortable environment especially given it’s a celebrity chef’s restaurant (read about Nancy Lam here).

Hellos with Nancy

I’ve visited a few times – I’m not progressing through the menu very well though, as the squid is so good I’ve only alternated between the main squid dishes to date. On my last visit, last night, I was hugely impressed that – while most venues hike up their prices for New Years Eve – there was no price increase at Nancy Lam’s Enak Enak (and Nancy was front of house, as usual). One of our party had the beef rendang Indonesian curry (rump steak stewed with exotic spices and a touch of coconut cream) which was seriously tender and unlike any beef curry I’ve ever tasted before.

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 4.5 / 5
~ Type: Indonesian/ SE Asian fusion
~ Sample menu: Enak Enak sample menus
~ Address: 56 Lavender Hill, London
~ Postcode: SW11
~ Nearest stations: Clapham Common(tube) or Queenstown Rd (mainline)
~ Websites: Enak Enak restaurant website and Nancy Lam’s personal website (with recipes)

~ Location: Enak Enak restaurant map

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