Bodean’s – Smoke it slow, cook it low

Bodean’s bbq smokehouse: doesn’t the very name make your mouth water?

Bodean’s – a Kansas/Mid-West American style smokehouse – has long been a favourite of mine and my umpteenth visit last night to the Fulham branch was of the usual high standard.

The menu offers such delights as beef burnt ends, proper American style prime beef burgers, chargrilled steaks and enchiladas. I recommend the ‘teasers for two’ (plenty enough for three) – a tasting platter that includes fishcakes, chicken wings, and tender ribs.

While looking at their website just now, I noticed their bbq q card deals (I knew there was a reason for writing this blog!) – up to 50% off your second meal at some branches on Monday nights.

Going to London? Living in London? Not been to Bodean’s yet?



Bodean’s re-visited

IMG_4429_Burnt Ends_Bodeans
Burnt ends – at Tower Hill branch, Dec 2015, @ £12.95 (regular size)


IMG_4430_chicken wings
Chicken wings – 6 large buffalo chicken wings @ £8.95


IMG_4431_chicken caesar salad
Caesar salad – with crispy grilled pancetta and garlic croutons; plus chargrilled chicken @£4 supplement @ £12.95 – – so, so good!


8oz prime beef burger – topped with tomato, lettuce, red onions + pickles on a toasted sesame seed bread bun @ £8.25


Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 3.5 / 5
~ Type: American, American Mid-West (Kansas City) style,
~ Postcode: Several, including SW6 1EP
~ Nearest station: Fulham Broadway (for this branch)
~ Website: Bodean’s website
~ Locations: Several. And spreading…



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