Moo-ove over for the elephants!


London’s full of elephants – what a cheerful sight!

Following the success of London’s 2002 Cow Parade outdoor art exhibition, the city is again brightened up for summer 2010 with over 250 painted elephants.

Not only is it a pleasant surprise to turn a corner and be faced with a beautifully designed elephant (or five, as I was, walking to work through Green Park this morning) but the parade raises awareness about endangered Asian elephants.

Exhibits are for sale by auction to raise funds – they’re all listed along with the route map here.

Rebecca Sutherland’s Harapan, #210, is my favourite – with brightly patterned jungle scenes and an orangutan across its face:
Sumatran Orangutan Society’s elephant

More info:
~ Elephant Parade London website
~ Elephant Family org – protecting Asian elephants
~ Elephant spotting photos



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