Amazing Thai

Amazing Thai on Lavender Hill

‘Amazing’ might be a slight exaggeration, although this Thai restaurant is pretty good. I’ve eaten here a few times over the years and it’s usually not busy, even on a weekend evening. On one particularly quiet evening, one of the female staff showed us how to fold fancy serviette shapes when I was intrigued by her folding talents!

Food is good, from perfectly squidgy and tasty tord mun pla (fish cake) starter @ £4.95, to green chicken or red beef curries (about £6.50) or gang mussamun @ £7.50 (lamb curry with potatoes and peanuts, served in a clay pot). However, it is quite expensive considering it’s at the ‘wrong’ end of Lavender Hill and slightly off the beaten track.

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 3 / 5
~ Type: Thai
~ Postcode: SW11 5RL
~ Nearest station: Clapham Common (tube) or Clapham Junction (mainline)
~ Website: n/a
~ Location: Amazing Thai map

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