Khan-a-Punjab – CLOSED

Lardbutty restaurant of the week: Khan-a-Punjab
Sabzee sizzler (vegetable platter) + matar paneer (cheesey peas)

This amazing restaurant opened five months ago, and – along with Santa Maria del Sur – puts Queenstown Road in competition with neighbouring Lavender Hill, when it comes to fine dining.

Specialising in low-fat, colour-free Indian cuisine made from carefully sourced ingredients, Khan-a-Punjab has an interestingly varied menu with some Punjabi specialities, and is very reasonably priced for such quality.

The sabzee sizzler starter is a tandoor-roasted vegetable platter of courgettes, aubergines, potatoes, tomatoes and onions. It certainly does sizzle and is great for sharing. Matar paneer – one of my favourite Indian dishes – serves as my benchmark between different restaurants and passed the test with flying colours here. Delicious.

Spoilt for choice from these chicken specials, I asked the Sultan which dish he’d choose if he was going on his break right then. On his say-so, I opted for the galina sha coo tee (“the most complex of all curries from Goa” comprising over twelve spices) and wasn’t disappointed.

And next time, I’ll be trying the ‘Foot path hotel curry’ (Delhi style rogan josh dish of diced and minced lamb cooked with exotic crushed reshampatti chillies, tomatoes and herbs). Roll on next time.

Fine, quality food – paneer tawa masala, pilau rice (with cardamom pods, cinnamon cloves, saffron + caramelised fried onion), puri + galina sha coo tee

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 4 / 5
~ Type: Indian
~ Website, menus, book online: Khan-a-Punjab website
~ Postcode: SW8 3RE
~ Nearest stations: Queenstown Road (mainline) Clapham Commom (tube)
~ Location: Khan-a-Punjab map


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