Ciro’s Pomodoro

Chicken teriyaki at Ciro’s Pomodoro

Ciro’s Pomodoro was recommended to me some time last year, and I finally gave it a whirl last night. It’s an intimate, basement restaurant – small and cosy – and well air-conditioned (very pleasing given the current heat-wave).

According to the website, Ciro’s supposedly attracts celebrities. On the menu, a star is named next to each each pizza listing (whoever’s favourite pizza that is). And there’s a vast selection – after all, that’s their speciality.

Most of our party opted for pizza: they’re thin-crust and ten inches in diameter with prices going up to £15.95. While the pizzas didn’t disappoint, the prices are a bit steep.

The walls are packed with photos of customers and famous people who’ve visited, and there’s live music too – all adding to the homely feel. Last night’s band did covers of music by The Police and Sade (remember her deep, velvet voice) but in a Jimmy-Somerville-high-pitched style. Hmmm.

Ciro’s is a very pleasant restaurant: the food, atmosphere and entertainment are all good, but it’s not in the same league as the excellent Donna Margherita .

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 3 / 5
~ Type: Italian
~ Postcode: SW3
~ Nearest station: Knightsbridge
~ Website: Ciro’s Pomodoro London
~ Location: Ciro’s Pomodoro London


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