Tokyo Jo – CLOSED

I do wonder where Danny the chef went after this venture – his food was amazing. If you happen to know which restaurant he’s at now please drop me a line (via Comment box below or Contact form on LardButty page).

Oishi katta – it was delicious!

I was a bit late arriving at this new restaurant this evening and by the time I did, my friend was on quite chatty terms with the staff. And he’d told them I’m learning Japanese and would really like to practise!

Thanks. While I didn’t understand the Japanese conversation I was met with, my tongue-in-cheek response “Sumimasen, eigo ga wakarimasu ka” didn’t really work either (excuse me, do you understand English?). Sheepishly explaining I’ve only had eight lessons to date – with my best bow/nod – I was told the best way to learn is to practise… to come in every week and practise with the staff. Lesson one: oishi katta.

Friendly and welcoming staff aside, the restaurant interior not to mention the food, are equally impressive.

We shared ‘Nigiri value box C’ @ £18 (2 salmon nigiri, 2 tuna nigiri, 2 seabass nigiri, 2 cucumber roll, 2 salmon roll, 2 tuna roll, 2 salmon + avocado roll, 2 tuna sashimi and 2 salmon sashimi), a sashimi value box (more tuna and salmon sashimi) and BBQ eel. It was all freshly prepared in our presence by Danny who, according to Tokyo Jo’s website, qualified as a Japanese chef in Japan then spent 20 years at London’s five star InterContinental Hotel before opening Tokyo Jo’s.

The cuts of fish just melt in your mouth and nigiri is prepared with a wasabi coating between the rice and fish – just as it should be.

BBQ eel at Tokyo Jo’s

Oishi katta… ja mata!

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 4 / 5
~ Type: Japanese, sushi
~ Address: 133 Lavender Hill, London, SW11 5QJ
~ Website + menus: Tokyo Jo Café website
~ Location: Tokyo Jo map
~ Tokyo Jo photos: photos


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