Best pre-theatre dining – London

I was recently asked to recommend a good restaurant to take visiting family to, before a Saturday night outing to the theatre. Somewhere nice enough to take parents, that would be reasonably priced and a bit different from your average restaurant (with good food, of course).

Well, here’s two recommendations.

Situated close by one another on Drury Lane (at the heart of London’s theatre-land) two quirky restaurants offering pre-theatre deals and fine food are Sitaaray (an Indian, Bollywood themed restaurant specialising in kebabs) and Sarastro (a Turkish, opera themed place offering mezes, set menus and live entertainment).

If you’re after a pre-theatre dining option or just feel like being an ‘early bird’, both Sitaaray and Sarastro are worth experiencing.

Sitaaray – Lardbutty restaurant of the month – Feb 2010

Sarastro – Lardbutty restaurant of the week – April 26, 2010


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