The Lost Angel

The Lost Angel is a new sister pub to The Lost Society (lovely rickety pub in a restored barn dating from the sixteenth century, serving great food and drinks) but without the charm.

The Lost Angel does have potential with its quirky and interesting interior (includes a phone box and a hat collection, looking something like ‘lost property’ around the walls) but bar service was dismally and painfully slow last night, even at 6:30pm when it was empty.

The toilets – aiming to be dark and unusual in decor – seem to have been thrown together by cowboys using Ikea seconds. Everything in the ladies’ was falling apart: taps hanging off the walls (maybe where users couldn’t figure out how to switch them on), leaking toilets flooding water across the floor, but worst of all – an obvious sewage problem gauging by the sulphur smell in the section of the pub by the toilets and kitchen, which happens to be where the dining tables are. Yuk.

I was particularly put off by tiny flying insects in the dining area (I’ve no idea if that was related to the sewage problem or just coincidence, either way it was unusual for October). I had a lamb shank and my friend had a rib-eye steak, both of which were good enough (flies and sulphur smell aside). I was in two minds about the service – albeit extremely slow, our waitress was down-to-earth complete with dreads and a ‘tell it how it is’ attitude and pulled up a chair alongside us to take orders; an attitude I would probably have liked if everything else hadn’t been sub-standard.

My friend had bought a Groupon discount voucher beforehand. We had a small bottle of beer each at the bar on arrival and a bottle of wine with the food. Altogether – including service and the cost of the voucher – this pub meal and drinks for two came to over £60.00. Not good value, all things considered.

A DJ was on (seemed to be practising for a later set) making for a loud, party atmosphere on the side of the bar for drinking and dancing, but not really befitting the atmosphere of the other side of the bar where people were trying to leisurely eat, drink and talk.

The Lost Angel is trying to do a bit of everything and succeeding at nothing.

Pub info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 2 / 5
~ Type: British, pub
~ Address: 339 Battersea Park Road, London
~ Postcode: SW11 4LS
~ Phone: 020 7622 2112
~ Nearest train stations: Battersea Park, Queenstown Road
~ Website (terrible Flash website!): Lost Angel website
~ Location: Lost Angel map

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