L’Express – salad’s never boring

L’Express brings a whole new meaning to salad. If you think you don’t like it, be prepared to be converted.

The help-yourself salad bar here changes all the time but usually contains items like cold roast potato wedges, chunky broccoli, chillies, Caesar salad, chicken, lentils, pulses and bean mixtures, hummus, olives, a variety of cold vegetable mixes and all the regular salad options (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, beetroot, sweetcorn, coleslaw) and a choice of dressings.

You can fill a humungous box for £5.20 which is two to three meals worth (pictured at the bottom of this post) or a regular box for £4.50.

If you can’t face salad, there’s a hot plate too with lasagne, shepherd’s pie and other changing hot items, as well as sausages, jacket potatoes and freshly made deli sandwiches.

Go on – try it.

step 1: go to 20 Maddox Street

step 2: fill a box with whatever takes your fancy

step 3 – Serve onto one plate at a time:

step 4 – eat. enjoy

Venue info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 3.5 / 5
~ Type: British slash European
~ Address: 20 Maddox Street, London
~ Postcode: W1S 1PN
~ Nearest tube: Oxford Circus
~ Website: I don’t think there is one, I’d love to be wrong – if so, pls share a link
~ Location: L’Express on Maddox Street map


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