Ravensbourne Arms Lewisham SE13 – CLOSED


There’s no denying that Ravensbourne Arms in Lewisham SE13 is *outstandingly* the nicest pub in the area: it’s one of those scruffy-but-clean, with old-funky-furniture, nothing-matches-but-somehow-it’s-cool kind of pubs (quite a few of them belong to the Antic Collective like the lovely Antelope in Tooting and the Balham Bowling Club in Balham).

It only opened four months ago, and – given the shortage of appealing pubs near here – is a good thing for the high street.

It’s quite large inside with a nice spacious feel and lots of tables with old wooden mis-matching chairs, all comfortably eclectic. Bar staff are friendly, helpful and serve – or at least acknowledge – you quickly (always a bonus).

There’s a good selection of real ales as well as wines and all the usual pub offerings, and they’ve now started serving food.

Sunday roast – fish (sea bream)

I had the sea bream Sunday dinner option today, while others in my party had traditional roast beef (medium rare slices – a good shade of pink in the middle) and vegetable tart (vegetables and goats cheese – looked very appealing).

The sea bream, however, was served with the same accompaniments as the beef: gravy, roast potatoes and cabbage, and didn’t really go together. Fish and gravy is a new one to me. And the fish didn’t taste as though it had been cooked with any herbs or spices – just a very plain and simple roast fish.

That said, the last time I had sea bream was at Mien Tay and it was spicy and… just supreme, which probably set a high benchmark.

I guess it’s early days and there’s still potential for the food menu at Ravensbourne Arms. So much of the pub is just spot on, I’m feeling hopeful.

Pub info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 3 / 5
~ Type: British, pub
~ Address: 323 Lewisham High Street
~ Postcode: SE13 6NR
~ Tel: 020 8613 7070
~ Nearest rail station: Lewisham
~ Website: Ravensbourne Arms website
~ Location: Ravensbourne Arms map


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