Nancy Lam’s Enak Enak – best restaurant on Lavender Hill


Jun 2013
– scroll down to see latest photos of Nancy Lam’s mouth-watering dishes.

Nov 2011 – this post supersedes Lardbutty’s previous entry on Enak Enak + upgrades the restaurant rating from 4.5/ 5 to **top rank 5/ 5** alongside Suze In Mayfair.

Every time I’ve been to Enak Enak the food has been amazing. On our visit last night – an early birthday celebration for BK – we were shown to our table with the usual warm reception.

Starters: mixed satay platter, tom yum soup + beancurd with peanut sauce

A sign of the times, the restaurant was only half full (this side of Lavender Hill is slightly off the beaten track after all) but serving staff were their usual hospitable, attentive selves.

And Nancy Lam doesn’t just put her name over the door. She was – as ever – milling around the restaurant, chatting with customers, ensuring everything was to satisfaction and generally giving it her personal touch.

For starters we (three of us) shared mixed satay (BBQ prawn, really tender spare-rib, chicken with peanut sauce and achar achar pickles) @ 12.95, chicken tom yum soup @ £5.75 and tahu goreng (crispy fried bean curd with beansprouts-disguised-as-cabbage-strips and peanut sauce @ £7.95. Beautiful.

Beef rendang – rump steak stewed in exotic spices, finished with a touch of coconut

For mains, K had his usual: beef rendang @ £9.75 (he loves it so much that even though he *wants* to try other dishes on the menu, he just can’t quite bring himself to forfeit the rendang). BK had the same, and I managed to venture away from my favourite squid dishes on this occasion and had lamb curry @ £10.50, which I requested to be slightly hot. It had a lovely warm, spicy kick to it (not hot hot) and was beautifully tender.

Lamb curry – so tender, with a gentle spicy kick

A main course averages at around £13 (including rice @ £2.75) which is inexpensive for such premium food and comfortable surroundings (even Marco Pierre White says it’s worth a visit). And bottles of wine start from around £20. All very reasonable.

Pak choi – side vegetable dish @ £6.50

Cashew nut fried mee – egg noodles with fresh veg + cashew nuts @ £8.50

Now, *I don’t like giving top scores* to any restaurant, as I believe there’s always room for improvement. But our experience at Nancy Lam’s last night was faultless. We couldn’t have been made to feel more welcome and comfortable if we’d been in our host’s own home. The whole experience was special.

Five out of five.

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 5 / 5 (if it were possible to give 5.5 marks out of 5, Nancy Lam’s would get it)
~ Food photos on flickr Nancy Lam’s food pics
~ Type: Indonesian/ SE Asian fusion
~ Address: 56 Lavender Hill, London
~ Postcode: SW11 5RQ
~ Nearest stations: Clapham Common (tube) or Queenstown Rd, Clapham Junction (mainline)
~ Website: Enak Enak restaurant website
~ Menu (as of Nov 2011, subject to change): Enak Enak dinner menu
~ Location: Enak Enak restaurant map

More of the menu:
Mixed satay starter: BBQ prawns, chicken satay, spare ribs, achar achar

Beef satay starter

Udang Lemak – prawns in sambal sauce + coconut cream

All Photos-232
Virgin squid in lemongrass + coconut with cashew nut fried mee etc


Nancy Lam's Enak Enak on Urbanspoon

Even more
~ Nancy Lam on This Morning TV making Beef Rendang

BK’s b’day – being looked after


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