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I can’t strebbing wait for one extraordinary day

But when will that day be?

If you haven’t heard already, extreme action acrobats are going to perform outdoors across London – jumping off structures, flying through the air, challenging gravity. And it’s all a big secret.

The eclectic space that is London is being put to creative use with street installations, big dance events and pop-up performances, ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games which will – inevitably – create chaos for Londoners and tourists alike trying to manoeuvre around the capital.

One of the pop-up performances is the brain-child of artist, dancer and performer Elizabeth Streb who has deservedly earned a reputation as an ‘extreme action choreographer’ in the States, with her groundbreaking performance at New York’s Whitney Museum in 2011. Other performances by her Brooklyn-based dance company include human fountain and ascension.

Pop-up performance, Streb: One Extraordinary Day

This is no ordinary dance company though – Streb is to dance what parkour is to running. Her urban troupe are known more as ‘daredevils’ than dancers: “If you want to be an action specialist,” Streb says You have to agree to get hurt!

This imagery is spectacular. You can’t fail to be impressed by the prospect of ‘extreme action’ dancers diving in the sky over Tower Bridge.

If Streb lives up to her Evil Knievel reputation and these events live up to the marketing (and if it stops raining) it’ll be awesome.

~ About Streb: Streb’s bio + achievements
~ Book by Streb: How to Become an Extreme Action Hero
~ Evening Standard article, 21 Jun 2012:
London 2012 Festival – Streb extreme action hero
~ Culture Show: See Streb dancers rehearsing in London
~ Culture Trail – Sun 15 July: Free Culture Trail with AMAZING SURPRISES
~ What is Streb extreme action? Find out about Streb extreme action

Past performances:
~ Whitney Museum Groundbreaking – May 2011
~ Streb – Ascension at Whitney Museum, Human Fountain etc (First 3 mins are the best)
~ Streb Vs Gravity
~ Streb performs Man Walking Down Building or Man Walking – with voiceover
~ Streb – Human Fountain (short)


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