Streb – one odd day

Surprises Streb: Human Eye grand finale

Today is One Extraordinary Day. It’s not just extraordinary, it’s really quite bizarre.

After mounting anticipation for the *secret date* to be revealed for London 2012’s Streb extreme action performances (The Guardian on daredevil dancers on Friday, The Culture Show on Streb rehearsals on Wednesday) as well as the give-away Sunday Culture Trail (London 2012 ‘explore’ listings) saying to “watch out for amazing surprises en route” on Sunday, I was at least expecting the schedule of events to be revealed – not just the date.

You know – give times and locations so that people can travel to the Thames and incorporate an event or two into their day.

But no.

On waking at 08:30am I check relevant websites and tweets for the latest info. The Surprises Streb (UK) website has now gone live and the first of seven events has been and gone… at 07.30 this morning at Millenium Bridge. Who was up and about in time to get transport into central London by 07:30 on a Sunday morning I wonder. Still, the photos look great from the comfort of my bed.

Locations and times of subsequent events are revealed about 45 minutes in advance, throughout the day, at intervals of 2.5 hours. I can only assume this is to deter people from coming to watch, to deter crowds? Even though we’ve seen significant marketing, really selling these events, including visuals of acrobats sky diving over Tower Bridge. And we’ve been told of the immense training, planning and risks required of Streb dancers. A lot of effort.

We already have plans for this afternoon so a few more performances come and go, until the evening when I’m sitting on a bus to Vauxhall. The ‘grand finale’ is announced: “a performance for daybreak – Human Eye” on the London Eye at 22:30 (daybreak?). I’m in good time to stroll along Albert Embankment. There’s a beautifully dark moody sky and the South Bank isn’t especially busy.

Location + details revealed 45 mins beforehand:

A troupe of dancers like a swarm of red ants crawl out of the Eye’s innards and spread out on every other spoke. Gliding down, moving, stretching as the Eye spins a full turn every 20 minutes.

The dancers are backlit and projected on to the huge screen that is the Shell Building. And it looks immense.

Extreme action dancers – gymnastics on the London Eye

~ Streb photos on flickr
~ Surprises Streb (UK)
~ LIFT 2012
~ Streb video-clips on YouTube


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