Meza – cosy Lebanese by Tooting Bec

A teeny tiny Lebanese restaurant within spitting distance of Tooting Bec tube station, Meza can accommodate about 20 diners at a time and has the feel of being squished cosily into someone’s living room.

It’s intimate (an open kitchen takes up half the room), popular, and gets booked up quickly. It’s also cash only.

There’s a 1.5 hour turnaround time on tables (our table this evening was booked for 7.30pm and by 9pm we were being asked to leave, to accommodate another sitting). But service is fast and attentive (without feeling rushed) and it’s well worth booking ahead for.

Falafel with garlic sauce

The menu is fairly short and sweet, and while you can choose a selection to share, we – at our server’s excellent suggestion – went for a mixed meze at £15 a head.

This included more than enough for six of us, of the following:
~ fresh pitta bread
~ hummus (normally £3.45 a portion)
~ moutabel (grilled aubergine, tahini + lemon juice and often called ‘baba ganoush’, normally @ £3.95)
~ tabbouleh (parsley, crushed wheat, olive oil dressing, normally @ £4)
~ wara einab (stuffed vine leaves, normally @ £3.75)
~ bemieh bil zeit (okra, tomato, coriander, normally @ £3.75 a portion)

~ falafel (normally @ £3.95)
~ grilled kallaj (haloumi bread, normally @ £3.95)
~ kibbeh (croquette stuffed with minced lamb, pine nuts, onion @ £4)
~ sambousek lahmeh (deep fried lamb and onion pastry parcels @ £3.95)
~ fatayer spinach (spinach, onion + pine nut pastry parcels normally @ £3.95)

~ soujouk (spicy sausagues @ £3.95)
~ mixed grill comprising chicken shish taouk, kafta meshwieh and lahem meshwieh
~ barley (?) with crispy fried caramelised onions


Meat mixed grill

These freshly prepared dishes kept arriving at the table in a steady stream and all proved popular, particularly the moutabel (baba ganoush) stuffed vine leaves, and spicy sausages.

We shared two bottles of a very palatable house red wine (@ £12 a bottle) and, including a 10% tip, the total bill came to £22 a head. Excellent value for fresh, good food.

Home deliveries
As of summer 2013 deliveries are now available from Meza if you order through MyDeliveryCab at

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 4 / 5
~ Type: Lebanese, Turkish, Middle Eastern
~ Address: 34 Trinity Road, London
~ Postcode: SW17 7RE
~ Tel: 07722 111299
~ Nearest station: Tooting Bec or Balham
~ Time Out review: Time Out’s review of Meza
~ Location: Meza map

Other nearby restaurants
~ Gurkha’s Diner

Square Meal

Meza on Urbanspoon


8 Responses

  1. I LOVE Meza… especially with it being literally on my doorstep. Such a great little hole in the wall kind of place.

    • lucky you! only downside is having to reserve a table well in advance but there’s some other great food spots around there like Gurkha’s Diner too – – hopefully see you at one of them :O)

      • Meza do takeaway now too so it’s super easy for us to get our fix that way since we live so close. Not good for the waistline!

        We’ve been thinking about trying Gurkha’s! 🙂 I’ll have to check out your review.

      • Annnnnd the husband and I have decided to do Gurkha’s tomorrow night before our movie date based on yor review. Score!

  2. I’ll keep the Meza takeaways in mind (thanks for that info!) – am guessing it’s collection only.
    And excellent for tonight – hope you enjoy Gurkha’s (feel sure you will). I can hungrily I mean heartily recommend momoch steamed dumplings and saffron chamri/cheese starters.

  3. […] Middle-Eastern restaurants in London: ~ Azou – North African restaurant in Hammersmith ~ Meza – Lebanese restaurant in Tooting ~ Yalla Yalla – Lebanese restaurants in central […]

  4. Reblogged this on totestoots and commented:
    Great to see another Meza review!

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