El Poco Mexico en Ford del Cat – CLOSED

Update May 2014: CLOSED
Sadly, El Poco Mexico has closed. ‘Marrakech Express’ has opened at 129 Rushey Green (yet to be reviewed by Lardbutty). And so, a chilli-infused moment of silence for all the tostadas that are never to be…

Char-grilled chicken, onion and pepper strips straddling chunks of avocado, tomato, a blend of grated cheeses and greens with a spicy hot sauce, freshly squeezed lime and a house-concocted ‘secret’ salad dressing, in a crispy tortilla shell.
El Poco Mexico redefines salad.

The first time we ate at this Mexican diner in Catford last year, K and I shared a tortilla basket salad as a starter. There were almost tears: I was so full I couldn’t eat my main course (on the plus side we shared a pitcher of margarita @ £18.90). That torment will stay with me, but so does the excitement of having a salad every time I come here to eat in or take-away (yes, I said excitement and salad in the same sentence) whether it’s steak, chicken, peri peri prawns or regular.

Both the steak and chicken salads are served with char-grilled, slightly caramelised onions and peppers giving them the edge over other salad varieties. Along with the ‘tostada’ crunchy basket shell, this makes for a really hearty main course.

Never has salad been so satisfying. And filling.

Camera Roll-513
Salad superior: chicken fajita salad @ £9.95

Camera Roll-43
Steak fajita salad @ £10.50

A nicely kitsch bar area is topped with sombreros to try on and amuse yourselves and the kids (it’s a very child friendly place with really friendly service) – it’s easy to feel at home here.

Camera Roll-509
Are you being served? – sombreros and sunglasses


El Poco Mexico has been open for a couple of years now, and – along with the Catford Bridge Tavern, Sapporo Ichiban and Mekan – is putting Catford firmly on the map as an area to go to for food and drinks in London.

Camera Roll-507
El Poco Mexico on Rushey Green, Catford

More of the menu

Tortilla Espanola + chorizo frito al vino starters – a light and fluffy omelette and chorizo in a red wine and tomato sauce @ £4.50 each

Beef burritos @ £10.50 + old fave, chicken fajita salad in a tostada shell @ £9.95

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 3.5 / 5
~ Type: Mexican
~ Address: El Poco Mexico, 129 Rushey Green, Catford, London
~ Postcode: SE6 4AA
~ Tel: 020 8698 0671
~ Nearest train station: Catford Bridge or Catford
~ Website + menus: El Poco Mexico website
~ El Poco Mexico photos on flickr
~ facebook page: El Poco Mexico facebook page
~ Location: El Poco Mexico map


More Catford dining:

~ Catford Bridge Tavern
~ Sapporo Ichiban
~ Mekan

El Poco Mexico on Urbanspoon


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