LardButty homemade – boterkoek and fruit buckle recipes

What is it about weekends that they go so well with food?
And generally over-indulging.

LardButty’s gone for a double dose of home-baking, giving two cake recipes a whirl, acquired after sampling the end products at a recent charity bake-off.

The boterkoek (Dutch buttercake) is super easy to make. Probably the easiest cake I’ve ever made while the raspberry and apricot buckle takes longer to prepare but if you like the sound of a gooey fruity cake with a crunchy cinnamon crumble top, it’s worth a try.


Raspberry and apricot buckle:

Download apricot + raspberry buckle recipe here

Fruit buckle_step by step

Full of fruit (got to be good for you) and gorgeously gooey in the middle with a crunchy cinnamon crumble topping.


250g butter
200g white caster sugar (10 tablespoons)
300g flour (24 level tablespoons)
Salt (pinch)
½ egg

Mix butter (at room temperature) with the caster sugar, then sieve in the flour, add a pinch of salt and mix quickly. With a cold hand knead the dough to a dough-ball. Wrap in foil or cling-film and leave in the fridge for an hour.

Press the dough into a tray (about 24cm) and flatten it down with the back of a wet spoon. Use a fork to make a pattern.

Beat the egg and cover the dough with half of it – this gives it a glaze. Bake at the top of the oven at 200⁰C for about 20 minutes. Cool down before slicing.

Easy peasy!

Updated 26 Oct 2014


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the virtual slice of cake! Much needed 🙂 They both look so scrummy I may have to give them a go… just not in the same weekend!

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