Delicias de Portugal

Delicias de Portugal is a small chain of Portuguese delicatessens in South London, selling cooked meats, groceries, fresh salads, Pasteis de Belem (aka pastel de nata) and other Portuguese cakes, as well as Ports and wines (for example, Esporao Reserva at about £12 a bottle).

Delicias de Portugal on Warwick Way

I’ve got salad envy this lunchtime from watching others around me tucking into the most drooltastic salads from Delicias. *Again*.

I have to give these salads a try.

Inside the small deli on Warwick way, it’s decorated with Portuguese blue and white tiles. On top of the main display counter there’s an enticing dry-cured ham (presunto), while the walls are full of shelves stocked with Portuguese provisions (from jams to sardines to wines).

I opt for a ‘pick n mix’ style salad for £3.50. This comes with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber (all the basics) and then you can choose from any of the cold dishes in the display. There’s loads of choice: garlic chicken, spicy chicken, roast mixed vegetables, avocado and ham, avocado and tuna, and many more.

Given how tempting the dry cured leg of ham on the counter looks, I choose a ham dish, plus roast vegetables (courgette, aubergine, peppers, etc), plus a garlic chicken, plus avocado and tuna (the man serving me keeps saying “and what else?”, so I keep going… it might be rude not to, and I would so hate to offend!).

Packed mixed salad containing many ingredients @ £3.50

This is the first time I’ve had a salad from here and I quickly discover that I really don’t like the ham (it’s way too salty and tastes oddly fishy too) so I pick this out and leave it. The garlic on the garlic chicken is overbearing as well, so I note for next time to avoid picking anything containing garlic.

That aside, this is a generously sized, fresh salad of many of my favourite ingredients – roast aubergine, roast courgette, plenty of avocado and fresh crisp lettuce too. It’s great value and I’ll home in on the items I know I like best next time (more of the veg and fruit, less of the meat for me).

I’ve sinced realised that the salad plates run out quickly, so arrive early (noon) to get the best choice.

Camera Roll-20
Mixed salad – with spicy crab, chicken and mushroom, chargrilled veg

Mixed salad – with spicy chicken + chargrilled peppers

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 3.5 / 5
~ Type: Portuguese
~ Address: 43 Warwick Way, Pimlico, London
~ Postcode: SW1V 1QS
~ Tel: 020 7630 5597
~ Nearest station: Victoria, Pimlico
~ Delicias de Portugal photos on flickr
~ facebook page: Delicias de Portugal on FB
~ Location: Delicias de Portugal map


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