Barakah – bringing fine dining to your door

We’ve had a couple of deliveries from Barakah recently and are intent on working our way through their excellent menu (healthy, exciting Indian with a bit of a Bengali and Goan twist).

Their strapline is “bringing fine dining to your door”. And I can’t dispute it; it’s mighty fine.

Starter selection
Photography courtesy of Keith Fryer

For starters tonight we share:
~ Khas shiek kebab – Minced lamb rolled in finely chopped peppers, onions, herbs and spices then skewered to grill perfection @ £3.50
~ Vegetarian platter – A specially prepared platter of goats cheese, samosa, onion bhaji and aloo choff (mashed potatoes + vegetables rolled in cashew nuts then fried until golden) @ £3.95
~ Butternut aloo – spicy butternut potatoes @ *complimentary*

Other starters we’ve tried, include:
~ Bengal fish tikka – Tikka fish marinated in traditional Bengali spices and grilled in the tandoor (gorgeous grilled, tasty fish!) @ £3.50
~ Murgh kofti – Spiced shredded chicken in mashed potatoes (like a fish cake but a chicken cake, in breadcrumbs. Gorgeous) @ £3.50
~ Onion bhajis – Snack of crisp, spiced onions and gram flour fritters (you get three onion bhajis – really nice – with a bit of an aniseed flavour in there, probably fennel seeds) @ £2.25

Tasty, fresh mixed salad including olives + complimentary butternut aloo

And for main course tonight we share:
~ Lamb jalfrezi – Pieces of meat or chicken cooked in chopped onions, ginger, capsicum, tomatoes green chillies and special spices @ £5.95 (Gorgeous tender lamb but seriously hot, I can’t eat very much of this… much to K’s pleasure)
~ Goan fish curry – Tilapia fish cooked in the special Goan style @ £7.95 (really good, I’ll have this again for sure)
~ Mutter paneer – Peas + homemade cheese @ £2.95 (very coconutty, quite sweet, offering a nice contrast with the spiciness of the main meat dishes; nice large chunks of paneer too)
~ Nan – Indian bread baked in the tandoor @ £1.95
~ Boiled rice @ £1.95

Main course – clockwise from top left: Lamb jalfrezi, Goan fish curry, mutter paneer (nan in background)
Photography courtesy of Keith Fryer

Other mains we’ve tried include:
~ Mirch Goan Masala – Chicken cooked with dry red chillies and tangerine pulp @ £6.95 (this has a real spicy kick to it; it’s hot but slightly less hot than lamb jalfrezi)

It is what it says on Barakah’s literature: “fine dining [brought] to your door” – great quality Indian food, and reasonably priced.

We’ve ordered on both occasions through Just Eat but if you order direct from Barakah’s own website there’s currently a 10% discount.

Barakah is open 7 days a week, 5.00pm to 11.00pm

Barakah on Sydenham Road

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 3.5 / 5
~ Type: Indian, Bengali
~ Address: 299 Sydenham Road, Sydenham, London
~ Postcode: SE26 5EW
~ Tel: 020 8778 6007
~ Nearest stations: Sydenham, Lower Sydenham, Forest Hill
~ Just Eat: Barakah menu on Just Eat
~ Barakah website + menus: Barakah website + menu
~ Food photos on flickr Barakah food pics
~ Location: Barakah map

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Barakah on Urbanspoon


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