Wahaca – Stratford

We went to the first National Paralympic Day on Saturday at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (it was a great day, especially watching wheelchair basketball in the Copperbox) and wanted to have a sit-down meal somewhere nearby.

We quickly eliminated The Cow pub (unnecessarily expensive and fairly soulless) and settled on Wahaca (having only eaten at the Covent Garden branch where food is fine but service is hit and miss, and there’s high demand for tables and a fast turnover so you can’t really relax).

The Stratford branch felt light and airy with lots of space by comparison. We were able to get comfortable and take our time here. And service was good, chatty and entertaining too.

Wahaca Stratford – light, bright + spacious

Interesting, arty decor includes lamp-shade tins over the tables, and ‘walls’ of empty water bottles.

Chipotle peppers tin lamp-shade over tables

We shared a load of ‘street food’ (small plates) between us, “all cooked fresh from daily-fresh ingredients” our waiter was happy to tell us – a good selection of lots of tasty treats.

Taquitos (left) and Tacos (right)

We had:

~ Chicken: marinated + tender with shredded lettuce, Lancashire cheese and salsa @ £4.00
~ New potato: with feta, shredded lettuce + habanero salsa @ £3.60

~ Pork pibil: slow-cooked in a special Yucatecan marinade with fiery onion pickles @ £3.95
~ Grilled British steak: with grilled cheese + salad @ £4.85

Chicken tostados, black bean tostados, black bean quesadilla

~ Chicken guajillo: chunks of chicken marinated in a chipotle dressing, with crunchy salad, etc @ £4.00
~ Black bean: re-fried beans topped with avocado salad, etc @ £3.80

~ Black beans + cheese @ £3.60
~ Chipotle chicken @ £4.15

~ Sweet potato: crispy fried chunks of sweet potato dressed with smoky caramelised mojo de aja @ £2.95 (loved this, must get more next time!)
~ Spicy slaw @ £2.30
~ Frijoles: rich, creamy black beans cooked twice, served with crumbled cheese @ £2.50

~ Modelo Especial(s) @ £4.00
~ Modelo Negra @ £4.00
~ Shiraz: served in a nice tumbler rather than wine glass @ £4.85
~ Anejo: Calle 23 @ £4.05
~ Mezcal: El Recuerdo de Oaxaca Blanco @ £3.50

~ Churros y chocolate: Mexican doughnuts/ deep fried batter @ £3.95
~ Dulce de Leche: salted caramel ice-cream with shavings of Vairhona chocolate @ £4.25

A very enjoyable meal with lots of different flavours to try, and very reasonably priced (total bill came to £78 excluding service, for four of us). Waiting staff changed shifts while we were there, and both of the waiters who served us were outstanding (fast and efficient with the food and drinks, but also chatty and amusing with it). Thumbs up Stratford.

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 3.5 / 5
~ Type: Mexican
~ Address: 6 Chestnut Plaza, Westfield Stratford, London
~ Postcode: E20 1GL
~ Tel: 020 203 288 1025
~ e: stratford@wahaca.co.uk (no table reservations)
~ Nearest station: Stratford
~ Website + menus: Wahaca website
~ Photos on flickr: pics of Wahaca food
~ Location: Wahaca Stratford map
~ Open Mon-Sat: 12pm – 11pm; Sun: 12pm – 10.30pm

Wahaca on Urbanspoon


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