Panama Hatty’s – Tarporley, Cheshire

We were five girls spending the weekend together in the Cheshire countryside, wanting somewhere fairly *handy* (injoke) to go and eat and hang out on the Saturday evening.

Panama Hatty’s – a country pub – is in the middle of nowhere (I don’t think that will offend any locals – I expect you’d choose to live here precisely to enjoy the unspoilt countryside) on the A49 in the small village of Spurstow (population around 400). You could easily drive by, blink, and not notice it.


Panama Hatty’s on Whitchurch Road (A49)

But S and J are more observant than that, and had spotted it while driving passed the previous weekend and very considerately done a recce.

So last Saturday, we made a fairly last minute booking (the only time a table was available for a group of five was at 8.45pm) and turned up early to enjoy cocktails in the huge, comfy bar area with eclectic ornaments and furniture including these amusing chairs:


Comfy bar chairs

The bar and restaurant areas are both large, and given that both were busy (bar staff were run ragged but still hospitable and attentive, while all dining tables were booked) it was instantly obvious that this place has a great reputation for miles around, as you can’t rely on public transport to get you here.

After a cocktail by the fire in buttock seats, we were shown to our table. Ordering a bottle of prosecco @ £24.95, it was no quick task to read the extensive dinner menu – a mixture of British, Mexican and international cuisines.

I ordered a main course squid Thai sizzle @ £14.95 (served on a skillet of stir fried vegetables with a dressing of lemon grass, ginger, coconut milk and lime basil with coconut rice and hot flat-bread) which was superb. The ‘dressing’ was thoughtfully served separately in its own gravy boat (so the customer could add as much or as little as they wanted) – the sauce’s lemon grass and coconut flavours added a lovely contrast to the spicy flavours of the sizzle and ginger; the squid was perfectly tender; while the flatbread was nothing special (it didn’t have the taste or appearance of being freshly baked, more like a re-heated supermarket flatbread) but that didn’t detract from the overall meal in any way.

Fragrant squid Thai sizzle

The vegetable burrito @ £10.50 was a hit (tortilla filled with sautéed onion and peppers, salsa verde, Cheddar cheese, soured cream and Latina rice and roasted vegetables). Even though there’s an extensive range of steaks and burgers on the menu, there’s plenty of really good vegetarian options too.

Vegetarian burrito – just look at that melted Cheddar cheese…

Massaman chicken Thai curry

Both the Massaman Thai chicken curry @ £12.95 (chicken breast fillet, Thai seasonings and herbs served with coconut rice and hot buttered flat-bread) and chicken fajitas @ £13.95 (served on a skillet with onions, red and yellow peppers and flour tortillas) were devoured with much enthusiasm.

Chicken fajitas

I opted for a Glenmorangie digestif over a dessert (did I mention I was *stuffed*) but if you’ve got a sweet tooth, it’s worth saving some space for a grand finale. These desserts are something else.

Selection of desserts including a strawberries + cream waffle

The verdict: If I lived anywhere near here, I’d be a repeat customer every weekend. All round great stuff.


Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 4 / 5
~ Type: International, British, Mexican, country pub
~ Address: Whitchurch Rd, Spurstow, Tarporley, Cheshire
~ Postcode: CW6 9TD
~ Nearest (main) station: Probably Crewe – it’s miles away from anywhere
~ Website + menus: Panama Hatty’s website
~ Photos on flickr: images of Panama Hatty’s food
~ facebook page: Panama Hatty’s facebook page
~ Location: Panama Hatty’s map

Panama Hatty's on Urbanspoon


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