Yum Yum – Pimlico

While it’s nice to order take-aways from tried-and-tested favourite restaurants, it’s also good to try something new from time to time. Last weekend we wanted Thai food in the Clapham area (Amazing Thai was closest and we’ve eaten there many times over the years; it’s good but slightly over-priced for small portions so we fancied a change). We decided to try out Pimlico-based Yum Yum instead.

Ordering online through Just Eat (a straight-forward, reliable process) we chose tod mun Thai fishcakes @ £4.90 and Tom Yum Thai soup @ £3.50 for starters (good fishcakes but the Tom Yum soup was so oily it had totally separated).

Tod mun – Thai fishcakes

Tom Yum – Thai soup – oily

K and I both love aromatic crispy duck pancakes. Yum Yum also does a crispy lamb variety @ £6.95 so we decided to try it (nice enough, the lamb was slightly tough, I’ll stick with duck in future).

Crispy lamb pancakes

For main course we shared squid sambal @ £5.99 and beef in black bean sauce @ £5.80 with an egg fried rice @ £2.99 and vegetable nasi goreng @ £5.00.

Squid sambal + beef in black bean sauce

The sambal and nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice) weren’t a patch on Nancy Lam’s (the squid wasn’t as tender as it could have been, and there was too much chilli in the sambal sauce making it overly fiery) but were enjoyable enough all the same.

Yum Yum positions itself as Chinese (they do a range of dim sum) but the menu offers as much Thai and Malaysian food too.

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 3.5 / 5
~ Type: Thai, Malaysian, Chinese
~ Address: 28 Denbigh Street, Pimlico, London
~ Postcode: SW1V 2ER
~ Nearest station: Pimlico
~ Website + menus: Yum Yum website
~ Photos on flickr: images of Yum Yum food
~ Location: Yum Yum map


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Yum Yum on Urbanspoon


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