Orangegrass – first Thai in South Shields

“Proud to be the first and only Thai restaurant in South Shields”

Situated in a residential area and semi-industrial park, Orangegrass doesn’t look like it’s up to much from outside. And it’s not in Shields’ town centre so it would be easy to miss.

Tofu pud ped – Tofu red Thai curry (top), Gaeng mussaman, Gaeng kiew wan gai (green chicken curry)

But step inside the entrance of 7 Mount Terrace (it has the appearance of a community hall) and head straight upstairs to the pristine restaurant, where polite staff in smart Thai traditional silk outfits are waiting to greet you.

IMG_9346 Pristine interior

The restaurant is an appealing, high-ceilinged capacious room split into different sections. And on our visit last night we were thoroughly well looked after by our server.

There’s a great wine list too. We homed in on a bottle of Opal Ridge Gewurztraminer Verdelho 2013 (assuming this would go well with spicy food, which it did) while contemplating the food choices.

For starters the four of us shared:
01. prawn crackers @ £2.50
02. Gai satay @ £4.95 – charcoal grilled, spiced chicken with peanut sauce
03. tord mun pha @ £4.95 – Thai style fishcakes
04. phak tord @ £4.75 – crispy battered vegetables with chilli sauce
05. tom kha gai @ £4.95 – chicken soup with coconut milk, galangal, mushroom, lemongrass etc

IMG_9336 02. Gai satay – charcoal grilled chicken with peanut sauce

03. Tord mun pha – fishcakes

IMG_9338 04. Phak tord – crispy battered vegetables

05. Tom kha gai – creamy, spicy Thai soup

For our main course we shared: 06. Gaeng kiew wan gai @ £7.95 – green curry with chicken, aubergines, sweet basil 07. neua daad diew @ £8.50 – stir fried marinated beef with black pepper, oyster + dark sauce 08. tofu pud ped @ £6.95 – red curry 09. talay pud cha @ £11.95 – stir fried mixed seafood with ginger, aubergines, lemongrass etc in an aromatic sauce

06. Gaeng kiew wan gai – green curry with chicken

IMG_9340 07. Neua daad diew – beef with oyster sauce

08 and 09.Talay pud cha + tofu pud ped – seafood dish (near) + red curry with tofu (middle)

IMG_3100b_Orangegrass menu_001 Menu The verdict: totally impressed. I’m already looking forward to my next trip to South Shields. There’ll be tears if it doesn’t involve a return visit to Orangegrass.

Pub + food info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 4 / 5
~ Type: Thai
~ Address: 7 Mount Terrace, South Shields, Tyne & Wear
~ Postcode: NE33 1PN
~ e:
~ Website + menus: Orangegrass website
~ Images photos on flickr
~ facebook: Orangegrass on fb
~ Location: Orangegrass map

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