itsu Aldgate

itsu shops are opening a new branch tomorrow on Aldgate High Street (on the corner of Minories). And today, they’re giving away free lunches!

Queue for free food at itsu Aldgate shop

This not-to-be-missed offer inevitably sucked me in. And if you’re wondering, there was no catch.

itsu lunch box – salmon sushi (nigiri style), salmon + avocado maki, ginger drink + a bag of Metcalfe’s skinny corn’ers

itsu’s lunch box comprised three salmon nigiri, four salmon and avocado maki, a bag of Metcalfe’s skinny corn’ers and a bottle of bitter ginger detox (it wasn’t overly enjoyable to the taste buds but it certainly felt like it was good for you, giving you a good clean!). For that reason, I’d drink it again. And for free, I’m not complaining.

Since itsu shops sprang up on what seems like every high street across London, I haven’t been a customer. Although I was a regular of the itsu restaurant on Wardour Street, Soho back in the early 2000s when conveyor belt sushi was still a novelty – my particular favourites were beef carpaccio and seared tuna (both gold plates). See this sample restaurant menu (currently, restaurant locations are only in Chelsea and Notting Hill).

Having been reminded today of itsu’s good, honest lunch food I can see this branch becoming a regular of mine. So, thanks for the freebie (good tactic).

All food is served fresh on the day and starts being discounted in the afternoon: there’s a 15% discount for students from 15:00, and a ‘half price sale’ takes place half an hour before closing (that’s from 19:30 at the Aldgate branch).

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 3.5 / 5
~ Type: International, Japanese-style, healthy, low-carb
~ Address: 77 Aldgate High Street, London
~ Postcode: EC3N 1BD
~ Nearest station: Aldgate
~ Website: Itsu website
~ Itsu restaurants (menu): sample menu
~ Photos on flickr: images of itsu food
~ facebook page: itsu on fb
~ Location: itsu Aldgate map

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Itsu on Urbanspoon


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