Sophie’s Steakhouse – Covent Garden

The other evening, S and I had been out for a drink after work at the newest branch of Craft Beer Co pubs in Holborn, and wanted to have dinner in the Covent Garden area.

We settled on Sophie’s Steakhouse. You can’t book tables there anyway, and as we were strolling passed we decided to pop in.

IMG_0153b_inside Sophies
Inside Sophie’s Steakhouse Covent Garden

Situated near Aldwych in the heart of theatre-land, Sophie’s Steakhouse is a large venue on the corner of Wellington Street and Tavistock Street, and there were several tables available on this particular Thursday evening.

IMG_0145b_salami nibbles at Sophies
Complimentary salami nibbles at Sophie’s

Having munched on the seasoned salami nibbles that were brought to us while reading the menu, we both ordered a classic hamburger @ £11.00 – a 4oz patty made from cross rib and minced in house carpaccio style, served with dill pickle, iceberg lettuce + steak sauce mayo on a brioche bun, and a portion of courgette fritters @ £4.50 to share.

IMG_0148b_burger at Sophies
Classic hamburger + courgette fries

The classic hamburger comes with a topping of either American cheese (I assumed that meant the orange plastic Kraft stuff?) or smoked bacon. I had my topping substituted with Cheddar cheese without a problem.

IMG_0152b_beef cuts in fridge at Sophies
Refrigerated cuts of meat on display

The verdict: Good burger restaurants (serving freshly prepared burger patties from carefully sourced beef) are fairly commonplace at the moment. That’s a good thing. And this is one such restaurant.

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 3.5 / 5
~ Type: Steakhouse, burgers, British
~ Address: 29-31 Wellington St, The Opera Quarter, Covent Garden, London
~ Postcode: WC2E 7DB
~ Nearest station: Covent Garden, Charing Cross
~ Website + menus: Sophie’s Steakhouse + Bar website
~ Photos on flickr: images of Sophie’s Steakhouse + Bar food
~ facebook page: Sophie’s Steakhouse + Bar on fb
~ Location: Sophie’s Steakhouse + Bar map

More nearby dining:
~ Brasserie Blanc
~ Canteen
~ Maxwells
~ Palm Court Brasserie

Sophie's Steakhouse on Urbanspoon


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