World food market – Devonshire Square

World Food Market at Devonshire Square first week of every month

The Epicurean Events team brings World Food Markets to Devonshire Square, the first week of the month from Tuesday to Friday, 10am – 3pm.

World Food Market – Food in the Middle, Hand Made Sushi, Moroccan Street Foods, Colombian Foods

More photos of World Food Market at Devonshire Square here>>>

Food stalls change but currently include the likes of:
~ Bare Bones – home smoked pulled pork, homemade slaw, pickles n killer sauce (also at Horniman Market)
~ Cheeky Burger – hand made burgers made from top quality beef patties
~ Colombian Street Food – empanadas + fresh coleslaw
~ Food in the Middle serving up Pakistani kebabs in flat bread freshly baked in the tandoor (choose from BBQ chicken, beef or paneer)
~ Moroccan Foods – stir fried lamb, chickpeas with spinach, chicken meatball tagine, beef kofta, lamb meatballs + more

IMG_9911_FoodInTheMiddle at DevSq
Food in the middle – wrapped in bread freshly baked in the tandoor @ £6.00 (gorgeous!)

Hand made sushi – freshly prepared

IMG_9912_Moroccan foods at DevSq
Moroccan Foods: stir-fried lamb

The verdict: Great variety of food types from many countries but there’s a lot of stalls packed into a fairly small space and it does get RAMMED with people. Be prepared for gridlock and queues.

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 4 / 5
~ Type: Street food market
~ Address: Devonshire Square, London
~ Postcode: EC2M 4WQ
~ Nearest tube stations: Liverpool Street, Aldgate
~ Websites: Devonshire Square world food market + Epicurean Events
~ Photos on flickr: images of World Food Market at Devonshire Square

Nearby street food markets:
~ Goulston Street food court
~ KERB at Spitalfields


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