Hana Korean restaurant – Battersea

Hana Korean restaurant on Battersea Rise was a truly serendipitous find for us last night – we’d been to the first beer festival at Clapham Grand (disappointing, nowhere near the standard of Wandsworth Common Beer Festival events at Le Gothique – many beers had run out, bar staff were clueless about beer, we were served several incorrect beers and left early) and then – being a Friday night – many restaurants in Battersea were heaving.

Hana Korean had some free tables (the main reason why we chose it) and it seemed appealingly different as none of us are especially familiar with Korean food.


Assorted kimchee – cabbage, radish + cucumber


Hite lager + shots – bek se ju in foreground, soju behind


To warm us up on this cold, wet evening, H and K both had a shot of soju, a clear distilled spirit that tastes like sweet vodka (nice enough, not very exciting) and I had a bek se ju, rice-based alcoholic drink with 10 herbs and ginseng (unusual, medicine-like, glad I’ve tried it but probably wouldn’t drink it again).

And we all had a hite, a Korean lager brewed from barley, malt and rice (nicely malty taste) along with modum kimchee or assorted pickles @ £7.00: cabbage, radish and cucumber (crunchy in a very hot chilli sauce). K can’t bear cucumber but he loved this.


IMG_1507_ohjing oh bok eum
Ohjing oh bok eum – stir fried squid in a spicy chilli sauce (4-chilli rating…hot!)


IMG_1509_veg dumplings
Mandu – vegetable dumplings with soy sauce


IMG_5081_veg mandu
Vegetable mandu (dumplings)


We shared two starters between the three of us: ohjing oh bok eum, stir fried squid and vegetables in a spicy chilli sauce @ £6.90 (one of the hottest menu items with a four-chilli rating/warning) – the squid was tender and the sauce fiery, and mandu, vegetable dumplings @ £5.90 that were quite simply the best dumplings any of us had ever had (soft, squidgy veg in the middle, inside a crispy toasted parcel).


IMG_1512_prawn bibimbap
Prawn bibimbap – served unstirred, with an egg yolk, in hot stoneware


Prawn bibimbap – with Korean chilli paste mixed in


For main course, I had a prawn bibimbap @ £10.90 – tiny prawns, vegetables, rice and an egg yolk served in a hot stone bowl with Korean chilli paste (the stone bowl is so hot that all the ingredients cook through, as you mix them together).


IMG_1511_pork bibimbap
Marinated pork bibimbap – fresh ingredients served in hot stoneware


H had a pork bibimbap @ £10.50 and K – we agreed – totally lucked out with his dish of barbeque beef bulgogi @ £12.20 (as recommended by our waiter), “thinly sliced beef marinated in a delicious blend of fruits, soy sauce, sesame oil, black pepper, onion and garlic, served with lettuce and soybean paste” which he ate in lettuce leaf sandwiches as you can see…


Barbeque beef bulgogi – a Chef’s special (and it certainly is!)


IMG_5086_Barbeque beef bulgogi
Sizzling barbeque beef bulgogi – thinly sliced beef marinated in a blend of fruits, soy sauce, sesame oil, etc


Although we were full, we shared two desserts between the three of us:


Green tea ice-cream @ £4.60


Mango + chilli ice-cream mochi @ £4.00, with a steamed rice cake coating


The verdict: A serendipitous find, Hana Korean restaurant seems to be a well kept secret. Great quality food, fabulously spicy, and good value too. I’ll be trying one of the meaty barbeque dishes (a bulgogi) next time.


Restaurant interior


Hana Korean on Battersea Rise


Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 4 / 5
~ Type: Korean
~ Address: 60 Battersea Rise, London
~ Postcode: SW11 1EG
~ Nearest station: Clapham Junction
~ Photos on flickr: images of Hana Korean food
~ Hana on facebook: Hana Korean page
~ Location: Hana Korean map



Hana Korean on Urbanspoon



2 Responses

  1. I’m not too familiar with Korean food either but this looks super yum! Might have to go on our ‘to-try’ list!

    • it’s got novelty factor, hey? while i like the freshness of the bibimbap (and the feel of having cooked it yourself, because you do the stirring … yes, I said that) that bbq beef was something else (and unfortunately, someone else’s…) ;O)

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