BNB breakfast deliveries – South East London

How does this sound: fried bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, plantain, black pudding, cheese and onion omelette and baked beans, all served steaming hot with buttered fresh granary bread?

Delivered to your door. With a teabag if you happen to have run out of tea. Or even a newspaper? Or maybe freshly squeezed orange juice – particularly great if you’ve been out the night before.

All YOU have to do is get out of bed to answer said door. You’d also have to pay £8.00 and select your breakfast items from BNB’s BedNBreakfast menu (or choose a sandwich, omelette, Continental breakfast, veggie brekkie with grilled haloumi or something else).

Oh come on now, you have to put some effort in. But you could place your order the day before if you don’t want to overdo it in the morning.

Sound too good to be true?
The good news is it’s real provided you want a breakfast or brunch delivery – to home or work – to one of these postcodes: SE2, SE3, SE6, SE7, SE9, SE10, SE12, SE13, SE18 or SE28 in South East London.

Individually packaged breakfast items – keeping hot

BedNBreakfasttt is a new delivery service, with the aim of bringing “our nation’s fave breakfast treats to you, in the comfort of your own home.”

While the reference to a ‘bed and breakfast’ (with two extra Ts?) may be slightly confusing initially, breakfast deliveries are – without doubt – a great concept. Why wasn’t this already happening in our fast-paced, pampered, on-demand lifestyles, hey?

Food unpackaged + put on a plate – the hard work’s done

We got a delivery this morning and it was a joyous start to the weekend: I’d been out last night (accidentally drank more than intended, then ate more pizza than intended, etc) and woke up ravenous this particular Saturday. And in true LardButty style, telling it how it really is, I’m declaring upfront that this was a complimentary breakfast in exchange for a review.

First, the delivery service was enthusiastic and most certainly ‘with a smile’. Tick. Next, the food items were individually packaged, keeping them steaming hot. Tick.

This selection was from the BedNBreakfast (fry up) menu where you choose six items from: sausage, bacon, egg, cheesy beans, regular beans, hash brown plantain (6 pieces), mushrooms, grilled tomatoes + black pudding.

We had:
~ scrambled eggs – done to a perfect, firm consistency, nicely light golden
~ bacon – also great (I’d suggest the option to choose between smoked or unsmoked as I’m not a big fan of smoked bacon)
~ sausage – a seriously good, big fat flavoursome sausage
~ mushrooms – yum (I just love mushrooms, it’s hard to go wrong with them provided they’re fresh and these were)
~ baked beans – proper baked beans, all good
~ black pudding – no complaints there
~ plantain – sweet fried banana flavours that didn’t go well with the other savoury flavours (but hey ho, given a free choice I wouldn’t choose this. And I *would* order from here again).

We also had omelettes: thick cheese and onion omelette, more Spanish omelette style than regular with a good depth for slicing and tasting (omelettes are normally £4.00 each and the website indicates you can request your preferred type). And to drink, chilled freshly squeezed orange juice (gorgeous). Plus, buttered bread – lovely, fresh granary bread (crusty bread is £1.00) and ketchup – proper Heinz ketchup, the true tomato sauce (a tub of tomato sauce is £0.50). Tick, tick, tick.

I particularly like the convenience of being able to order teabags @ 50p each. The ability to order milk could be a winner too (say, as part of an order over a certain price) as there’s nothing worse than waking up parched on a weekend morning only to discover you’re out of milk and teabags (yeah ok, there are *worse* things, but you get my drift…).

BNB menu

The food is great and the menu innovative, for example, a ‘breakfast bundle’ for four people @ £30.00 includes a ton of food as well as a couple of newspapers. Nice touch for that relaxing weekend read.

I’ll be eating from BedNBreakfasttt again. While it’s still early days, I can’t wait to see how this service expands and innovates, and develops its brand and website/online presence.

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 4 / 5
~ Type: British, breakfast, brunch, delivery
~ Where: South East London
~ Tel: 020 3612 0322 or 07715481054
~ email orders to:
~ Website + menus: BNB website
~ Photos on flickr: images of BedNBreakfasttt food

Bednbreakfasttt on Urbanspoon


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