Roast hog butties – Borough Market

Do butties get any better than the spit roast hog sandwiches from the Roast Hog stall at Borough Market? (LardButty would love to hear about it, if they do).

M-The-Foodie introduced a few of us to the freshly roasted pig one lunchtime last week. It was so good we ventured back this week. On both occasions there was a long queue – it was torment waiting but watching the spit with its cooked crispy crackling certainly got me salivating.

Step 1: find the Roast Hog stall

Step 2: join the queue + let the spit tease you

Choose ciabatta bread or a wrap and watch your sandwich (£5.50 as of April 2015) being assembled in front of you – tender chunks of fresh roast hog (with subtle aniseed spice flavours from the fennel it’s marinaded in), apple sauce, rocket leaves, and the clincher – strips of crispy, crunchy crackling.

Step 3: Watch your sandwich being made with fresh hog, crackling + apple sauce

photo 1_hog roast sarnie
Step 4: eat

Check out Roast Hog’s video on YouTube (you can hire their catering services for events and parties).

The verdict: As long as you like tender pork and crispy crackling, this is a very special, generously filled sandwich. It’s packed with ingredients, and reasonably priced for the size. Go on, try it for yourself…

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 4.5 / 5
~ Type: Street food, butties
~ Address: Borough Market (and other food markets) London
~ Nearest station: London Bridge
~ Website for: Roast Hog

~ Website for: Borough Market

~ Photos on flickr: Roast Hog images
~ Borough Market location: map (for Roast Hog stall + more)


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