Xquisite Caribbean restaurant – Tulse Hill SE27

Completing LardButty’s A to Z of restaurant reviews with the letter X at Xquisite, West Norwood (SE27)

The LardButty Index (A to Z) has been complete for a long time, with the exception of the letter X. A review of a restaurant beginning with X is long overdue but they’re few and far between. And so – with some enthusiastic nudging from H – we arranged an outing to Xquisite, a Caribbean restaurant just off the South Circular next to Tulse Hill train station.

I made the reservation through Open Table whose listing is appealing enough, in contrast with the Xquisite website (2015) where the food gallery is not enticing. But the website says that the restaurant is under new management and that the website will be improved soon. So we decided to visit and find out for ourselves.


IMG_4168b_hurricane cocktails
Hurricane cocktail – light rum, dark rum, passion juice, lime, sugar gum grenadine @ £6.50 (2-for-1 in happy hour)


Arriving at 7pm tonight, a Friday evening, I’m the first customer dining in although there are a few collecting take-aways. The restaurant is nicely lit with interesting art work (immediately appealing) and staff greet me promptly and are friendly and helpful. It’s happy hour until 8pm (2 for 1 on cocktails) so we start with a hurricane (light rum, dark rum, passion juice, lime, sugar gum grenadine). With island tunes playing from the DJ booth, I’m transported to being away on holiday. And that’s a nice way to end the working week.


Inside Xquisite


We share starters:
The hot pepper sauce on the prawns is gorgeous and spicy (even if it does mean licking the prawn shells and faces before peeling!) and the dumplings are like a dense Yorkshire pudding.


IMG_4169b_Saucy pepper prawns
Spicy saucy pepper prawns – starter @ £5.00


IMG_4172b_dumplings stuffed with ackee saltfish_cabbage_callaloo saltfish
Triple mix stuffed dumplings – stuffed with ackee + saltfish, cabbage, callaloo + saltfish @ £5.50


For main course, we share curry goat – slow cooked, really tender if full of the bones that the meat has fallen off, in a Jamaican curry sauce (lovely flavours but overly salty) with rice and kidney beans @ £9.00, jerk pork – tender pork in a sticky sauce @ £13.00 (really good but also overly salty) and sweet potato sticks @ £3.50 (perfect).


IMG_4175b_curry goat
Curry goat – tender chunks of meat in a Jamaican curry sauce @ £9.00


IMG_4173_jerk pork
Jerk pork – seasoned, marinated and jerked pork @ £13.00


IMG_4174b_sweet potato sticks
Sweet potato sticks – side portion @ £3.50


Sample menu – as of Nov 2015


On the wine list there are two prosecco options: a ‘prosecco wine’ @ £20.00 and a ‘prosecco sparkling wine’ @ £30.00. They are both sparkling proseccos, the difference being one is a screw-cap bottle, the other is corked like champagne. We went for the screw-cap. We while away a leisurely 3.5 hours here, during which time the restaurant fills up with other customers including a party who are celebrating with a special buffet.

The verdict: Formal Caribbean restaurants serving high-end quality food don’t seem to be that common in London; this is one of them. Good food, reasonably priced. The experience of feeling transported away on holiday was pretty special too. If Xquisite was in my neighbourhood, I’d go back.


Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 3 / 5
~ Type: Caribbean
~ Address: 7a Station Rise, London
~ Postcode: SE27 9BW
~ Nearest station: Tulse Hill, West Dulwich, West Norwood
~ Website + menus: Xquisite website
~ Photos on flickr: images of Xquisite food
~ Location: Xquisite map


Xquisite Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


2 Responses

  1. Thank you for this. Just learning about this restaurant. Will have to check it out. Thank you for reviewing….the curried goat in particular looks yummy.

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