Boot & Flogger – Borough Market SE1

Great food at quaint old English pub

The Boot & Flogger was the first Davy Wine Bar, having opened initially on Borough High Street in 1965 before moving to its current location on Redcross Way in 1973. With its old dark wood panelling and pictures of historical scenes on the walls, I felt like I was stepping back in time from the moment I walked in. In a good way.

On our visit last night, a Monday evening, I’d reserved a table for three. It turned out to be a table in a semi-private snug in the middle of the pub, which felt pretty special for our celebration (a final farewell to H who returns to Tanzania tomorrow and our joint early-birthday meal too). Service was friendly, welcoming and efficient and there was an appealing food menu with a good range of drinks.

K and I chose a 100ml glass of Manzanilla Sherry on ice (it was an unusually warm day) @ £5.30 as an aperitif, while reading the menu. H had a Whitstable Ale.



IMG_5983b_Boot and Flogger
‘Olde world’ wine bar with wood panelling




Come this way – step into the snug where your private table is waiting




Menu at The Boot & Flogger, the original Davy Wine Bar



For starters, K ordered a truffle mac & cheese @ £5.25 (for benchmarking purposes of course, after all of the mac cheese he’s had in New York this past weekend!) while H had smoked salmon @ £7.25 and I had roasted beetroot and goat’s cheese salad with toasted walnuts @ £7.25, accompanied by a bottle of Rioja @ £29.00.




Truffle mac & cheese starter 



Smoked salmon starter 



Roasted beetroot + goat’s cheese salad with toasted walnuts starter


The starters were all beautifully served and full of tasty ingredients. We were all very impressed.

For main course, I ordered a wild mushroom risotto with truffle oil @ £10.95 while H and K both homed in on bangers and mash with roasted red onion gravy @ £11.95, accompanied by another bottle of Rioja @ £29.00. This was really good, honest pub food.



Wild mushroom risotto with truffle oil 



Bangers + mash with roasted red onion gravy @ £11.95


And finally, H and I shared a three cheese cheeseboard with crackers and chutney @ £9.95 (Westcombe Cheddar, Long Clawson Stilton and Stinking Bishop) while K had a sticky toffee pudding @ £5.50.


Cheeseboard – 3 cheeses with chutney and crackers




Sticky toffee pudding 


Our total bill for a three course dinner for three, including aperitifs and two bottles of wine (excluding service) came to £143.00.

The verdict: Interesting venue with an old, homely feel. Most importantly, service and food was excellent and there was a good range of drinks. We also enjoyed the privacy of the snug, it was as if we were in our own private room and for that it felt special (particularly as we had our luggage from New York with us, and were able to easily stow it in the corner).


Restaurant info:
– Lardbutty rating: 4 / 5
– Type: British, pub, wine bar
– Address: 10-20 Redcross Way, Southwark, London
– Postcode: SE1 1TA
– Nearest station: London Bridge
– Website + menus: Boot & Flogger website
– Photos on flickr: images of Boot & Flogger food
– Location: Boot & Flogger map


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Blue Smoke – Southern smokehouse New York

Staying at the lovely Conrad hotel overlooking the Hudson River at Battery Park (see my river view pics here), we wanted to eat Sunday lunch nearby on the last day of our New York trip.

Blue Smoke, a Southern BBQ smokehouse, just around the corner on Vesey Street was convenient, appealed (as in – when in the U.S., make the most of good American cusine) and served craft beers too.

Ginger crush with thyme + a root beer


From the drinks menu, K had a root beer (tastes like medicine) and I had a ginger crush (ginger beer with orange, lime, soda and thyme – nicely refreshing), followed by a flight of four 5oz beers to share @ $15.00.


Beer flight: Blue Smoke original, Abita turbodog, Lefthand milk stout + other half IPA @ $15.00




Bar: craft beers + a decent wine list


From the Southern lunch menu, we both chose a pit stop: one meat, one side and one sweet for $20.00. Plus an additional meat @ $5.00.

The meat choices were pulled pork, 7 pepper brisket, baby back ribs and backyard chicken (K chose the first two, and I chose the latter two).

The side dish options were mac & cheese, collard greens, sweet potato mash and BBQ baked beans (K chose the first, I chose the last).


7 pepper brisket, pulled pork + mac & cheese



Baby back ribs, backyard chicken + BBQ beans

My ribs and sticky chicken were as good as they look in the photo, as were the barbecue beans. The mac & cheese was well done and K enjoyed the pulled pork and peppered brisket (slightly dry though). The crispy bread was superfluous (and again, a bit dry).

For the ‘sweet’ included in the pit stop, we chose a cookie and a brownie to share. Both arrived in packaging – no frills style, ready to take away.


The verdict: Excellent value @ $25.00 (about £17.00) for such a big meal. Simple but good Southern food, with really good service and a very appealingly furnished interior.


Blue Smoke interior


Restaurant info:
– Lardbutty rating: 3.5 / 5
– Type: Southern American, BBQ, smokehouse
– Address: 255 Vesey St, Battery Park, New York
– Zipcode: NY 10282
– Website + menus: Blue Smoke website
– Photos on flickr: images of Blue Smoke food
– Location: Blue Smoke Battery Park map


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Mudville 9 – Traditional American + craft beer New York

After a fun-filled afternoon at Barcade in Brooklyn playing games like asteroids and drinking craft beer, we explored Williamsburg but struggled to find somewhere really appealing to eat. K had already got his eye on Mudville 9 – a traditional American restaurant with the largest selection of craft beer in Tribeca (over 150 beers) – so we headed back to Manhattan. Great choice.


The restaurant was busy and nicely buzzing on our Saturday evening visit. We were greeted promptly and experienced really efficient service throughout. Our server was really on the ball – she didn’t even write down our order but everything arrived correctly.

Single portion (10) of wings @ $12.50


If ever there was a time to convert K from his dislike of chicken wings, it was here in New York, at a proper American barbecue and burger joint. We ordered a ‘single’ portion of 10 wings to share (a generous portion) with sauce @ $12.50. And guess what –  he’s converted and now likes chicken wings. Tick.

We ordered side dishes of truffle mac n 4 cheese @ $9.00 and onion rings @ $8.00.

Onion rings, truffle mac n 4 cheese


Mudville 9 food menu



One of the drinks menus – craft beer


For main course, I ordered beer battered cod sandwich platter with tartar sauce @ $13.50 while K had a bar-BQ burger sandwich platter with Bonelick BBQ, hardwood bacon and onion rings @ $15.50. Both were served with hand-cut fries.


Beer battered cod sandwich platter with fresh tartar sauce and fries @ $13.50



Bar-BQ burger platter with onion rings and fries @ $15.50




The verdict: This was a seriously good meaty meal with an excellent choice of drinks. Given the size of the portions, it was really good value too. Good, straight-forward American food. I hope to visit again.


Restaurant info:
– Lardbutty rating: 3.5 / 5
– Type: Traditional American, BBQ, burgers
– Address: Chambers Street, Tribeca, New York
– Zipcode: NY 10007
– Website + menus: Mudville 9 website
– Photos on flickr: images of Mudville 9 food
– Location: Mudville 9 map

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John’s of Bleecker Street – New York Pizza

Prepare to queue for John’s coal-fired brick oven thin-crust pizza

There’s always a line for John’s pizza. It’s not exactly cheap and the original Bleecker Street restaurant is quite grubby, in need of a good interior refresh. So why is it so popular – what’s the attraction?
All Photos-164
Tired old mural


Having visited other branches, we went to the original Bleecker Street location last night to find out. We queued – as expected – and got shouted at periodically by staff, telling customers to keep away from the door until we were eventually shown to a narrow formica-topped table for two. Shabby wooden panels on the walls were engraved with years and years worth of names and comments, while a dirty old mural of a lake and mountain scene begged to be cleaned. This wasn’t stylishly retro, it just felt unclean and in need of re-decorating.
All Photos-165
Battered wooden panels


All Photos-59
Large pepperoni and mushroom pizza @ $32.00


All Photos-57
Thin pizza and salad
K ordered a Goose Island beer @ $7.00 and I ordered a glass of white wine @ $6.00. It didn’t seem to come as a surprise when I told the waiter it tasted of vinegar and was undrinkable – he readily swapped it for a glass of house red (a pinot), which wasn’t great but slightly more drinkable. The pizza itself – @ $32.00 – was a good thin base pizza, while the salad – @ $8.25 – was covered in a sharp, vinegary dressing.


The verdict: To revert to my original question what’s the attraction with John’s pizza? I am unsure. Perhaps the reputation and brand is so well established and firmly tied into all the tourist guides that the punters just keep flocking? But to me, it’s over-rated. After all, good thin pizza isn’t hard to find anymore. It just isn’t, when the hay days of stodgy deep pan pizza from big chains are long gone.

But if I’m missing something please do let me know.


Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 2.5 / 5
~ Type: Pizza
~ Address: 278 Bleecker Street, Greenwich Village, New York
~ Zipcode: NY10014
~ Website + menus: John’s of Bleecker Street website
~ Photos on flickr: images of John’s of Bleecker Street
~ Location: John’s of Bleecker Street map
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The Spotted Pig – New York

The world’s teeniest bar in what looks like a flower shop?

Being an information geek and a food blogger it should come as no surprise that I’d prepared a list of potential bars and restaurants for us to visit during our trip to NYC this week.

On The Spotted Pig I was undecided: it’s a Michelin-starred ‘gastro pub’, reputedly British in style, and apparently – if top search engine results are to be believed – where certain celebrities hang out (and where numpty celebrity-stalkers go to try and see numpty celebrities. All this numpty celebrity stuff put me off. Mr West, Ms Swift… bah! who cares? really?).

To be honest, the dinner menu didn’t look all that appealing either (I mean – “pigs ear salad” ew?). We’d pretty much written it off.


All Photos-78

Pussy willows, flowers and pig decorations outside The Spotted Pig

As it turned out, we had a lovely walk this morning from the Financial District through Tribeca on our way to the Whitney Museum of American Art in the Meatpacking district (popping in to the Tribeca Tap House for a late breakfast, and a tiny, street-fronted Irish bar the-size-of-a-living-room for further refreshment on the way).

So we happened to be passing The Spotted Pig anyway, and it looks so appealing and small and befitting its local community with all the pussy-willows (I’m a sucker for furry catkins and had them in my wedding bouquet) and plants and pig decorations outside (a bit like your local flower shop) that we just had to step inside to check it out.


All Photos-74
One of the teeniest bars you’ve ever seen?


Ours was a Friday afternoon visit so perhaps not as busy as it might get in here.

There were plenty of available stools at the tiny bar (to the left side of the picture above) so we sat down for a drink, trying a local Brooklyn craft beer and gin or two.

This might’ve been one of the smallest bar service areas I’ve ever seen but on the plus side, we didn’t have to shout or wait to order a drink and it was served immediately. Hooray for intimacy and immediacy.

Enjoying the friendly bar service and banter going on around us, as well as the appealing pig-themed interior with funky food fabric stools (bacon patterns, pepper prints, etc) – not to mention our ‘taste testing’ of local-ish Brooklyn gins – we decided to have a late lunch at the bar after all…

All Photos-71
Battered bar, bacon and pepper patterned stools, pigs

We both homed in on the chargrilled burger with roquefort cheese and shoestring fries @ $25.00. The beef patty itself was good and the roquefort gave it a strong blue cheese flavour but overall, the assembled burger was plain, distinctly average and wasn’t carefully crafted in any way (it lacked imagination) – it was simply a beef patty with roquefort in a brioche bun.

While the shoestring fries with rosemary looked attractive, quantity had been prioritised over quality – it was a massive mound of greasy fries (and they were very oily) with some rosemary needles thrown in.

All Photos-82
Nice enough burger but a bit plain with greasy fries

All Photos-83
Good patty – pink patty


This was a straight-forward enough afternoon visit and we had a good time – enjoying the intimate bar service.

We were glad to have made this a lunchtime visit rather than a more special evening meal out, and it was close enough to the Whitney Museum so it was on our route. But I really don’t understand yet why this place has got a Michelin star….


All Photos-70
Potato, potato, potato…


The verdict: Quaint enough bar if you’re passing, but not somewhere to rush to.


Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 3.5 / 5
~ Type: Burgers, gastro-pub, British? (in New York)
~ Address: 314 West 11th Street, New York
~ Zipcode: NY10014
~ Website + menus: The Spotted Pig website
~ Photos on flickr: images of The Spotted Pig
~ Location: The Spotted Pig map

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Raymi Peruvian Restaurant + Pisco Bar – New York

Lively Peruvian restaurant + bitter-tastic pisco cocktails

Having stumbled across a Peruvian jazz club on our last trip to New York (which has sadly since closed down) K was keen to re-live another Peruvian-themed evening during our visit to NYC this week so we booked a table in advance at Raymi in the Flatiron district, to try Peruvian food and cocktails. A brand new experience for us.

On being promptly greeted and seated, K ordered a passion pisco (overly sweet for me, containing passion syrup) @ $14.00 while I had a classic pisco sour @ $13.00 (made from pisco sour, lime, egg white and bitters) – lovely and bitter – while reading the food menu.


All Photos-159
Passion pisco, roasted corn kernels and pisco sour


Service was excellent right from the start, with our friendly, helpful waitress answering our questions about the menu and making recommendations for us. We wanted to share dishes and eventually chose charred octopus @ $18.00 from the Chef’s Corner menu (specials available Thursday to Sunday only), a mixto cerviche @ $16.00 from the Cerviches & Tiraditos selection, a ‘jalea’ fried mixed seafood @ $14.00 (a small plate) and an arroz chaufa @ $26.00 (a large plate).

Our waitress recommended that the charred octopus and mixto cerviche be served together (as a starter course) and the jalea and arroz chaufa together afterwards. So that’s what we did. And those food pairings worked well.


All Photos-131
Mixto ceviche – aji rocoto (red peppers), corvina fish, shrimp, squid, octopus + sweet potato

All Photos-134
Charred octopus – with butternut squash, potatoes, mussels

The charred octopus was lovely and tender with a smoky flavour (gorgeous) and the fishy ceviche was nice and sharp in contrast.

With a busy bar area and buzzing atmosphere, along with interesting eclectic furnishings and soft lighting, this was a really comfortable restaurant to dine in and relax.

All Photos-122
Inside Raymi

All Photos-121
Pisco bar at Raymi

I was already fairly full after sharing the starter plates and was glad to have a break before the next course arrived!

The arroz chaufa arrived in a large stone pot containing a mix of jasmine rice, egg, broccoli, ginger, char siu chicken, shrimp, chinese sausage, scallions and peanuts (unusual, with the predominant flavours being of Chinese style spices) while the jalea fried shrimp, squid, corvina fish, yuca, salsa criolla, and aji amarillo (peppers) was served with a tartar sauce (again, really good but I was sadly too full to eat much of this course).


All Photos-141
Arroz chaufa – jasmine rice, egg, broccoli, ginger, char siu chicken, shrimp, chinese sausage, etc


All Photos-140
Jalea – fried seafood with tartar sauce


All Photos-143
Basement bathroom area – a relaxing feel with plants and a water feature


The verdict: Impressive food and drinks selection, outstanding service. I would love to return (with a bigger appetite). Check the website for Latino music and dancing nights.


Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 3.5 / 5
~ Type: Peruvian (in New York)
~ Address: 43 West 24th Street, New York
~ Zipcode: NY10010
~ Website + menus: Raymi website
~ Photos on flickr: images of Raymi
~ Location: Raymi map

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Saigon Cafe – Catford, SE6

Vietnamese cafe with bring your own booze in upcoming Catford, South East London

While Saigon Foods cafe has a ‘bring your own booze’ policy (as they’re not licensed to serve alcohol) that keeps costs down, we chose to ‘take-away’ the other evening after work, and relax at home.


Summer rolls – rice paper wraps two rolls @ £4.00


Bo la lot – grilled beef in leaves with rice noodles and salad @ £7.85
Bo la lot – minced beef filling


We ordered summer rolls – rice paper wraps with rice vermicelli, lettuce and herbs with a peanut sauce, Vietnamese spring rolls (pork and prawn rolls which were unfortunately omitted), bo la lot minced beef in betel leaves (vine leaves) with rice vermicelli, mixed salad, Vietnamese dressing with chillis and peanuts (the beef leaves and sauce were very tasty), and a chicken pho – flat rice noodles in broth served with fresh vegetables, herbs and seasoning sauces (very healthy although – aside from the aromatic basil leaves – slightly lacking in flavour).
Chicken pho – rice noodles in Vietnamese broth @ £7.85
This was a healthy meal made from fresh ingredients – plenty enough for two – and really good value given I had change out of £20.00! I can imagine that this food would taste even better served fresh in the restaurant and intend to visit again soon.


Inside Saigon Foods cafe


Menu at Saigon Foods cafe, Catford


The verdict: Cheap, cheerful and healthy. And something a bit different for Catford.


Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 3 / 5
~ Type: Vietnamese, BYOB
~ Address: 24 Catford Broadway, London
~ Postcode: SE6 4SN
~ Nearest stations: Catford Bridge, Catford
~ Website + menus: Saigon Cafe website
~ Photos on flickr: images of Saigon Cafe
~ Location: Saigon Cafe map


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