What do you get when a sunflower turns into a chilli plant – a silliflower?

A silly silliflower story

It’s three years this month since one of my sunflower plants started to change into a chilli plant (yep, you read that right).

As I’ve only just discovered the taste sensation that is gin and tonic with finely-sliced chilli, this three year anniversary may be worth celebrating…

But first, here’s the back story:

Back in 2014, we got given sunflower seeds for joining in Learning at Work Week events at work.

Sunflower plant grown from a seed – as of Oct 2014

By August 2015, my last surviving sunflower was window height (not exactly thriving) alongside a dying chilli plant.

IMG_3082c_Surviving sunflower_dying chilli plant
Sunflower plant (in same pot) tall and straggly – August 2015

Err, and it had grown a chilli:
IMG_3088c_hybrid sunflower sprouting a chilli
Hybrid sunflower plant sprouts a chilli – August 2015

And continued growing chillis through 2015 and 2016:

All Photos-456
Sprouting chillis – Aug 2016

Still growing chillis – Nov 2016

On to 2017:

A bit chilli in here, my fingers are going green – August 2017

Still reaching for the sun – October 2017

How unusual is a hybrid plant like this – should I register it?

And who logs new plant types anyway, maybe Kew Gardens?

So many questions.

20171015 - silliflower hybrid
From the top: Once I was a sunflower; now I grow chillis; I go very well with gin + tonic

In the meantime, I’m happy to have found a new purpose for those lovely green and red chillis: at the recent¬†Catford Gin Festival, I discovered that chilli goes really well in gin and tonic. For example:
Colonsay gin with sliced green chilli, or
Tom Cat Six with scotch bonnet).

Time for a LardButtyTestTaste…

Silliflower timeline:
– Photos on flickr: Silliflower photos

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