Catford Snow Safari – a video poem of Catford’s “wildlife”

Come and join me admiring the parakeets and old oaks along Canadian Avenue, the tacky (but loveable) fibreglass Catford Cat at the Catford Centre, and the old dog racing track (now Catford Green) by the train stations    Walking along the Canadian Oak-lined avenue that is Canadian Avenue in Catford, one cold winter morning a […]

Catford Bridge Tavern SE6 – new in 2017

It’s pleasing to see the redeveloped CBT doing well again under new ownership, since re-opening Easter 2017 with a new roof terrace, refurbed dining room and a good range of drinks from craft beers to “gincident” gins The former Catford Bridge Tavern run by Antic, closed back in November 2013 (Tesco bought the lease, then sold it […]

Fayrooz – Lebanese in Catford SE6

Walking along Catford Broadway in the evening, it’s not unusual to be tormented by the enticing BBQ smells wafting from Fayrooz – a small café serving Lebanese meze and charcoal grilled dishes Falafel with tahini (sesame seed) sauce @ £4.45 Cold meze dishes range from humous and baba ganoush (aubergine dip) to stuffed vine leaves, […]

Saigon Cafe – Catford, SE6

Vietnamese cafe with bring your own booze in upcoming Catford, South East London While Saigon Foods cafe has a ‘bring your own booze’ policy (as they’re not licensed to serve alcohol) that keeps costs down, we chose to ‘take-away’ the other evening after work, and relax at home.   Summer rolls – rice paper wraps […]

AyaSofya Turkish Restaurant – Catford

Catford’s newest Turkish restaurant is up against some tough – and established – competition (with the likes of Turkish Kitchen and Turquaz). How would AyaSofya compare? We visited spontaneously last night, to find out and weren’t disappointed…

Catford Constitutional Club – craft beers + gastropub food

It’s already 18 months since Antic London’s pub presence in Catford moved out of the Catford Bridge Tavern (CBT) and into the derelict premises of the former Catford Conservative Club.

While the Antic team continued to serve a good range of craft beers and excellent gastropub food over at the Catford Constitutional Club (CCC) the space was run-down and grubby to say the least (unsurprisingly, having been empty for 20+ years). Not shabby-chic, just shabby.

Eighteen months on, the CCC feels lived in again – a homely pub that you actually want to visit. Plus the large beer garden with its pot plants and paintings is a punter-pleaser for the warm, summer days…

Turquaz – Catford

What sets Turquaz Restaurant apart is its super-welcoming, friendly staff who genuinely seem to enjoy themselves looking after their customers, excellent Turkish food and lively atmosphere with live belly-dancing entertainment by a stunning dancer…

La Pizzeria Italiana – Catford

The approach to La Pizzeria Italiana may not be appealing. But peer in through the doorway and it’s a different matter: it’s a small restaurant with frescoes of an Italian landscape and Venetian waterways. A mobile of teacups and white feather boas hangs centre-stage from a fabric ceiling; all really inviting and just that little bit different. And the food is something else – authentic Italian dishes created to order…