Know no boundaries

Know no boundaries

A ‘glass half full’ kind of girl

Lou’s an innovative information professional who enjoys doing research, writing (all forms – from journalism to creative writing, and from business writing to blogging) travel, sightseeing, theatre, pilates, snowboarding and a whole heap of other stuff.

She left Yorkshire for the magical, bright lights of London almost two decades ago and while you can take the girl out of the north, you can’t take the north out of this girl.

Evolution of ‘LardButty’

This blog started out covering a range of topics (from food reviews to political satire to knowledge management). Over the years it’s evolved to become more and more focused on food, both restaurant reviews and recipes in the guise of LardButty (named as the plan was to review lower-end eating-out places: sandwich shops, greasy spoon cafes etc but hey – that changed too).

On these pages you’ll find:

~ LardButty food reviews (mostly), and

~ Journalism Lou’s writing + published articles

~ Blog entries (all)

About LardButty

LardButty food reviews *tell it how it really is*.
If you’d like to work up an appetite, there are several ways to browse. You can…

a) Browse all
LardButty food reviews – scroll through all LardButty posts.

b) Choose by cuisine type
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c) Choose by area / location
Enter a London postcode area into the search box, top right (eg. W1J, SW11, SE6) or location (eg. Soho, Clapham)

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