Yauatcha City – Broadgate Circle

Casual dining dim sum teahouse by Hakkasan Group at Broadgate Circle

We chose a 9-course tasting menu comprising a variety of dim sum, rolls, macaroons and a cocktail as something a bit different for my parents to try, while they’re in town this weekend. Chopstick challenges aside, it was a  novel experience and good value @ £29.00 a head.


All Photos-476
From a 9-course tasting menu

– top left: dim sum – prawn shui mai with chicken and garden dumpling
– top right: prawn and beancurd cheung fun (rice noodle roll)
– bottom left: baked venison puff and mushroom spring roll
– bottom right: macaroons


The restaurant space is unusual in that it’s long, narrow and circular. Following the corridor along to the toilets (with lovely Aesop hand wash) has the feel of being at an airport or a mall – and a bit soulless.


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In the round – Yauatcha at Broadgate Circle


We began with a refreshing cherry chaser cocktail along with the first course of dim sum and rolls, served with soy sauce, and two chilli dipping sauces:

All Photos-467

Dim sum – crystal dumpling wrap with pumpkin and pine nut + har gau (traditional dumpling); baked venison puff and mushroom spring roll

The vension puff and mushroom spring roll were both in light, flaky pastry with strong flavours – perfect for a small portion, absolutely gorgeous.


Moving on to the next course, we had prawn shui mai with chicken and a garden dumpling, accompanied by Picpoul de Pinet dry white wine @ £30 a bottle.

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Dim sum – prawn shui mai with chicken and garden dumpling


This prawn and beancurd cheung fun (rice noodle roll) was a favourite of mine, as it was similar to kakiage (fried onions and veggies in Japanese dishes).

All Photos-471

Prawn and beancurd cheung fun


All Photos-470

Sticky rice in lotus leaf


Inside this steamed lotus leaf parcel, was a portion of sticky rice with a gooey chicken and dried shrimp middle.

And finally – eight different flavoured macaroons.

All Photos-472

Macaroon selection


I’m no macaroon connoisseur and prefer savoury/salty food over desserts/sweet stuff. But these were pretty good. The coconut one (top right) was the least popular (sweet, dessicated coconut) while I enjoyed the peanut butter macaroon the most (surprise).


The verdict: Novel experience – you get to taste a good variety of Asian-inspired food items. Service was very relaxed, informal and attentive (bordering on overly attentive) throughout. Our total bill for four came to £193.67 which seemed very good value.


Restaurant info:
– Lardbutty rating: 3.5 / 5
– Type: Chinese, Dim Sum, Asian
– Address: Broadgate Circle, London
– Postcode: EC2M 2QS
– Nearest station: Liverpool Street
– Website + menus: Yauatcha website
– Photos on flickr: Yauatcha City images
– Location: Yauatcha City map


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New Winner – Chinese delivery

It’s take-away time. The other night we decided to order a take-away and settled on Chinese for a change. Well, I say Chinese but New Winner’s menu is more Chinese-come-Thai-come-Asian-fusion.

Our Chinese banquet and carpet picnic began with:
~ Vegetarian spring rolls @ £1.90
~ Sesame prawn toast @ £4.10
~ Chicken satay on skewers with onion, cucumber + special satay sauce @ 4.20
~ Tod mun Thai fishcakes @ £4.30
~ Aromatic crispy duck (a quarter) with 6 pancakes, cucumber, spring onion, and hoi sin sauce @ £7.00


Tod mun Thai fishcakes, seseame prawn toast, chicken satay

Chinese cuisine is possibly my least favourite but I do love crispy duck pancakes when done properly. And these didn’t disappoint (the duck was roasted and crispy with little trace of fat, pancakes were paper thin and light, and the hoi sin sauce was great). The tod mun fishcakes weren’t the best I’ve ever tasted but they weren’t bad by any means.

Crispy duck pancakes – crispy, shredded duck with a great hoi sin sauce

For main course, K chose beef in black bean sauce with green peppers (tender beef stir fried in a special black bean paste with onion, pepper and carrot) @ £4.40 and mushroom egg fried rice @ £3.40, while I had vegetarian Thai green curry (stuffed full of crispy tofu, water chestnut, Chinese mushrooms, carrot and bamboo shoots) @ £3.80 with steamed white rice @ £2.20.

Thai green curry with tofu + veggies

Beef in black bean sauce + Thai green tofu curry

Haute cuisine this aint. But for a good value, convenient and *not overly unhealthy* Chinese delivery option, New Winner was a hit. We’ll order again, not frequently. But we’ll be back.

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 3 / 5
~ Type: Chinese, Asian
~ Address: 278 Lewisham High Street, Lewisham, London
~ Postcode: SE13 6JZ
~ Tel: 020 8690 7614
~ Website + menus: New Winner website
~ Photos on flickr: images of New Winner food
~ Location: New Winner map
~ Delivery through: Just Eat

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~ El Poco Mexico – eat in or take-away
~ FS2 – Turkish deliveries
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~ Turkish Kitchen

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E+O – Ladbroke Grove

An Asian-fusion restaurant in yummy mummy W11 (Ladbroke Grove), E+O is part of the Ricker group of restaurants.

It has a formal feel, with its pristine white table-cloths and overly attentive service. We were asked if we’d like to order a “bottle of sparkling water for the table” and some edamame as we were being seated. We declined both, saying we’d prefer to look at the menu first.

Within minutes a big bamboo steamer dish filled with salted edamame was served to our table. Ah well. We were hungry – we chose not to say anything but accepted them and enjoyed nibbling while reading the menu.

Camera Roll-50 Pristine white table-cloths in yummy mummy E+O

For starters to share, we ordered chilli salt squid @ £7.50 and pork and ginger gyoza @ £6.00. Both were nice enough (nothing out of the ordinary): the squid was packed into, and spilling out of, a small cup – perhaps to give the impression of being a larger portion than it actually was.

Our attentive server whipped away the starter dishes, before we’d quite finished the salted squid. She seemed eager to serve the main courses that were now ready.

20140123_E+O_startersb Starters: gyoza and salt squid

For main course, we both had prawn phad thai @ £10.50: a generous portion with chillis, lime and crushed peanuts served on the side so you could add as much or as little as you like. A nice touch.

I was still chewing the last mouthful of my prawn pad thai when our server took my plate away. I took the hint and put down my knife and fork for her to clear.

Camera Roll-48 Prawn pad thai

Good food but the over-eager service was off-putting, and the restaurant – on the whole – felt unnecessarily pretentious.

Camera Roll-51 Meal for two @ £73.13

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 3 / 5
~ Type: Japanese, Chinese, Asian fusion
~ Address: 14 Blenheim Crescent, London
~ Postcode: W11 1NN
~ Tel: 020 7229 5454
~ e: eando@rickerrestaurants.com
~ Nearest station: Ladbroke Grove, Westbourne Park, Notting Hill Gate
~ Website + menus: E+O website
~ Photos on flickr: images of E+O food
~ Location: E+O map

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E&O on Urbanspoon

Dim t – More London

Dim t is a small chain of six restaurants serving Chinese and Asian food, specialising in – as you may have guessed – dim sum. Five of the branches are around London and one’s in Winchester.

Crispy duck pancakes + dim sum at Dim t

We called in at the More London (London Bridge) branch on a Friday evening recently. We didn’t have a reservation but didn’t have to wait long until the lively servers were able to seat us.

Walking passed the open kitchen, and seeing the bamboo steamer baskets being piled up full of steaming parcels of food was very enticing.

Dim sum in bamboo steamer basket

We shared:
~ Sea bass + miso dim sum @ £3.60
~ Spicy veg dim sum @ £3.60
~ Wasabi chicken dim sum @ £3.60
~ Spicy beef dim sum @ £3.60
~ Crispy duck + pancakes @ £11.95
~ Bottle gerwurtztraminer @ £16.35
~ teas: Jasmine flower @ £2.50 + organic gun powder @ £2.50

Camomile flower tea

A very enjoyable meal (in part due to our lively, helpful servers) and relatively healthy too.

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 3.5 / 5
~ Type: Chinese, Asian fusion
~ Address: 2 More London Place, Tooley Street, London
~ Postcode: SE1 2DB
~ Tel: 020 7403 7000
~ Nearest station: London Bridge
~ Website + menus: Dim t website
~ Photos on flickr: images of Dim t food
~ facebook page: Dim t facebook page
~ Location: Dim t map

More London Bridge dining:
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~ St Christopher’s Inn

Dim T on Urbanspoon

Zen China, County Hall

Specialising in Beijing and northern Chinese cuisine, Zen China is situated on the first floor of County Hall (former GLC premises) by the London Eye, with fantastic views over the Thames and Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. While I can’t pretend to be a fan of Chinese food this is one of very few Chinese restaurants I’d be happy to eat at.

Zen China in County Hall

We visited last night and – perhaps because it’s such a large, open restaurant – it didn’t feel overly busy even though tables were full. Tables are well spaced out, possibly so there’s enough room for waiting staff to pull up a carving table on which to shred roast duck, a house speciality.

We opted for these six dishes from the tasting menu (normally £60 a head although we got an excellent reduction through Groupon @ £20 a head):

~ shredded roast duck + vegetable soup

~ Beijing duck with homemade pancakes and trimmings and hoisin sauce

~ chicken in cherry sauce (sweet and sour)

~ sizzling spicy beef with black beans

~ braised sea bass
~ imperial fried rice

Considering it was a ‘tasting’ menu, they were large portions (go with a good appetite!) and every dish was served in a special way by attentive waiting staff, with an explanation. The shredding of the roast duck at the table was the most spectacular though, as was the taste of this dish (outstanding).

The spicy beef was surprisingly hot and spicy – well accompanied by a bottle of prosecco (or two).

Big Ben from Zen China

And, being in County Hall, we finished off a really great evening with entertainment at Namco Station in the basement, playing guitar hero and ten pin bowling (and admiring some experts on the dance mats!).

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 3.5 / 5
~ Type: Chinese
~ Address: County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, London
~ Postcode: SE1 7PB
~ Tel: 020 7261 1196
~ Nearest tube station: Waterloo, Westminster
~ Website + menus: Zen China website
~ Location: Zen China restaurant map

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