Luciano’s wood-fired pizza deliveries in SE London

Anyone who likes a good stone-baked, Italian-style pizza will know how difficult it is, to get it delivered in the Lewisham area of South East London (sure, deliveries from the likes of Papa John’s, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, etc are plentiful – say no more).

But then I saw this instagram post by @SouthLondonClub about Luciano’s:
SouthLondonClub insta about Lucianos - for LardButty blog
Check out this short video-clip on Instagram

Being late home from work this evening, I decided to give them a try. I phoned and ordered two 12″ pizzas. I was unable to order salads and side veggies as apparently their kitchen where ‘other food’ is prepared was out of order. I was told that only the pizza kitchen was working. So I ordered a third pizza, totalling £30.00:

Selection of pizzas from Luciano – vesuvio; fiorentina; create-your-own

  • Vesuvio – mozzarella, tomato, onion, salami + meatballs @ £10.50
  • Fiorentina – mozzarella, tomato, spinach, Grana Padano cheese, egg, black olives @ £8.50
  • Parma ham, mushroom + black olives @ £11.00


Delivery time was expected to be about 45 minutes but was closer to an hour and a half. By the time it arrived, it wasn’t hot. But it was nice enough.

Luciano’s delivers to a 2.5 mile radius around SE12, SE3, SE13. That’s these areas:

  • BR1 Bromley
  • SE10 Greenwich
  • SE12 Lee
  • SE13 Lewisham
  • SE14 New Cross
  • SE3 Kidbrooke
  • SE4 Brockley
  • SE6 Bellingham
  • SE9 Eltham

If you have a South London Club card, there’s currently a 10% discount off Luciano’s deliveries. And now, you can use Just Eat to order online.

The verdict: Finally, good wood-fired Italian-style pizza deliveries in South East London. It’s reasonably priced and long overdue. Hopefully, the teething troubles preventing ‘other food’ apart from pizza being available, and slow delivery will be overcome.

Alternative option: They don’t deliver, but the fabulous La Pizzeria Italiana will do take-away orders if you collect.


Luciano’s info:
– Lardbutty rating: 3.5 / 5
– Type: Italian, stone-baked pizza (deliveries)
– Address: 129-131 Burnt Ash Road, Lee, London
– Postcode: SE12 8RA
– Tel: 020 8297 0800 – or order online
– Website + menus: Luciano’s website
– Photos on flickr: Luciano photos on flickr

Luciano's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Sunday roast deliveries by BNB

I’ve dreamt about Sunday roast deliveries for years, and wondered why no-one provides that service when you can get food delivered to your door for all kinds of cuisines from around the world. But not a traditional British Sunday roast (and who wants to cook on the day of rest, hey?).

Why is this? Is it particularly challenging to cook, package and deliver roast food well?


IMG_2932b_Packaged food on arrival
Individually packaged food items on arrival
L-R, back: lamb with Yorkshire puddings + potatoes; chicken with potatoes + stuffing
L-R, middle: macaroni cheese; mixed vegetables (broccoli + carrots); cauliflower cheese
L-R, front: coleslaw; apple sauce (for chicken); mint sauce (for lamb); gravy


The good news is that BedNBreakfast (BnB) are branching out (from breakfast deliveries) and starting to deliver roast dinners too, to these postcodes in South East London: SE2, SE3, SE6, SE7, SE9, SE10, SE12, SE13, SE18 or SE28.


I’d arranged the order a couple of days in advance (one meal was free in exchange for a review) but there was no indication as to what part of day the food would arrive. So, I wasn’t sure if it was a lunchtime or an evening Sunday roast.

Mid-afternoon, I was informed things were running late and the delivery would be on its way. By the time it arrived just after 5pm, my expectations were lowering.

The food items arrived individually packaged, warm (not hot).


IMG_2935b_Mostly lamb Sunday roast
Lamb roast (mostly) @ £12.75


IMG_2936b_mostly chicken Sunday roast
Chicken roast (mostly) @ £10.95


My husband and I shared:

~ Leg of lamb roast served with roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, seasonal veg (carrots and broccoli), mint sauce, gravy and homemade coleslaw @ £12.75
~ Cauliflower cheese side dish @ £1.99

~ Chicken roast served with roast potatoes, stuffing, seasonal veg (carrots and broccoli), apple sauce, gravy and homemade coleslaw @ £10.95
~ Macaroni cheese side dish @ £1.99


In true LardButty style, telling it how it really is I’m summarising the negatives and the positives:

– Delivery service could have been improved by giving an approximate delivery time
– Food could benefit from being hot on delivery (rather than warm)
– Inconsistent portion sizes: the portion of sliced lamb was small, while the roast chicken was quite large
– Some foods didn’t transport as well as others (the broccoli had gone soft in transit)

– Each food item was surprisingly really tasty and had retained its own flavour (in part, thanks to the individual packaging); we were very impressed at how well the meats were cooked
– the cheesy items were gorgeous and travelled well (both the macaroni cheese and cauliflower cheese)
– the homemade coleslaw was a really nice touch (again, travelled well)
– gravies were perfect

Top tip: I’d recommend heating up plates ready for the food’s arrival, to help retain its heat. I’ll certainly do this next time – seems like an easy enough task to do in lieu of cooking, right?


You can order a dessert @ £4.99 – current choices are:
~ Strawberries and cream mini cake with custard or cream
~ Passion fruit cheesecake with cream
~ Lemon drizzle mini cake with custard or cream
~ Raspberry Victoria sponge mini cake with custard or cream


IMG_2938b_passion fruit cheesecake
Passion fruit cheesecake with cream


While the main course filled us, we were more than happy to share such a thoroughly good passion fruit cheesecake with cream made by Cakes to Cakes.


The verdict: Tasty, well cooked food that’s thoughtfully and carefully packaged to retain each item’s flavours. A totally satisfying and filling meal that exceeded expectations. We’ll be back.


Sep 2016: summer roasts – it’s too hot to put the oven on, so we ordered roasts (2x lamb, 2x chicken) which was easy to do on BedNBreakfasttt’s new website. And food arrived piping hot, and right on time – at 3pm – as scheduled.

Watch out for a new service launching from BedNBreakfasttt soon – LATE – delivering food from 10pm to 5am…


Food delivery info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 4 / 5
~ Type: British, breakfast, brunch, delivery
~ Where: South East London
~ Tel: 020 3612 0322 or 07715481054
~ Website + menus: BNB website
~ Photos on flickr: images of BedNBreakfasttt food


BNB breakfast deliveries – South East London

How does this sound: fried bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, plantain, black pudding, cheese and onion omelette and baked beans, all served steaming hot with buttered fresh granary bread?

Delivered to your door. With a teabag if you happen to have run out of tea. Or even a newspaper? Or maybe freshly squeezed orange juice – particularly great if you’ve been out the night before.

All YOU have to do is get out of bed to answer said door. You’d also have to pay £8.00 and select your breakfast items from BNB’s BedNBreakfast menu (or choose a sandwich, omelette, Continental breakfast, veggie brekkie with grilled haloumi or something else).

Oh come on now, you have to put some effort in. But you could place your order the day before if you don’t want to overdo it in the morning.

Sound too good to be true?
The good news is it’s real provided you want a breakfast or brunch delivery – to home or work – to one of these postcodes: SE2, SE3, SE6, SE7, SE9, SE10, SE12, SE13, SE18 or SE28 in South East London.

Individually packaged breakfast items – keeping hot

BedNBreakfasttt is a new delivery service, with the aim of bringing “our nation’s fave breakfast treats to you, in the comfort of your own home.”

While the reference to a ‘bed and breakfast’ (with two extra Ts?) may be slightly confusing initially, breakfast deliveries are – without doubt – a great concept. Why wasn’t this already happening in our fast-paced, pampered, on-demand lifestyles, hey?

Food unpackaged + put on a plate – the hard work’s done

We got a delivery this morning and it was a joyous start to the weekend: I’d been out last night (accidentally drank more than intended, then ate more pizza than intended, etc) and woke up ravenous this particular Saturday. And in true LardButty style, telling it how it really is, I’m declaring upfront that this was a complimentary breakfast in exchange for a review.

First, the delivery service was enthusiastic and most certainly ‘with a smile’. Tick. Next, the food items were individually packaged, keeping them steaming hot. Tick.

This selection was from the BedNBreakfast (fry up) menu where you choose six items from: sausage, bacon, egg, cheesy beans, regular beans, hash brown plantain (6 pieces), mushrooms, grilled tomatoes + black pudding.

We had:
~ scrambled eggs – done to a perfect, firm consistency, nicely light golden
~ bacon – also great (I’d suggest the option to choose between smoked or unsmoked as I’m not a big fan of smoked bacon)
~ sausage – a seriously good, big fat flavoursome sausage
~ mushrooms – yum (I just love mushrooms, it’s hard to go wrong with them provided they’re fresh and these were)
~ baked beans – proper baked beans, all good
~ black pudding – no complaints there
~ plantain – sweet fried banana flavours that didn’t go well with the other savoury flavours (but hey ho, given a free choice I wouldn’t choose this. And I *would* order from here again).

We also had omelettes: thick cheese and onion omelette, more Spanish omelette style than regular with a good depth for slicing and tasting (omelettes are normally £4.00 each and the website indicates you can request your preferred type). And to drink, chilled freshly squeezed orange juice (gorgeous). Plus, buttered bread – lovely, fresh granary bread (crusty bread is £1.00) and ketchup – proper Heinz ketchup, the true tomato sauce (a tub of tomato sauce is £0.50). Tick, tick, tick.

I particularly like the convenience of being able to order teabags @ 50p each. The ability to order milk could be a winner too (say, as part of an order over a certain price) as there’s nothing worse than waking up parched on a weekend morning only to discover you’re out of milk and teabags (yeah ok, there are *worse* things, but you get my drift…).

BNB menu

The food is great and the menu innovative, for example, a ‘breakfast bundle’ for four people @ £30.00 includes a ton of food as well as a couple of newspapers. Nice touch for that relaxing weekend read.

I’ll be eating from BedNBreakfasttt again. While it’s still early days, I can’t wait to see how this service expands and innovates, and develops its brand and website/online presence.

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 4 / 5
~ Type: British, breakfast, brunch, delivery
~ Where: South East London
~ Tel: 020 3612 0322 or 07715481054
~ email orders to:
~ Website + menus: BNB website
~ Photos on flickr: images of BedNBreakfasttt food

Bednbreakfasttt on Urbanspoon

New Winner – Chinese delivery

It’s take-away time. The other night we decided to order a take-away and settled on Chinese for a change. Well, I say Chinese but New Winner’s menu is more Chinese-come-Thai-come-Asian-fusion.

Our Chinese banquet and carpet picnic began with:
~ Vegetarian spring rolls @ £1.90
~ Sesame prawn toast @ £4.10
~ Chicken satay on skewers with onion, cucumber + special satay sauce @ 4.20
~ Tod mun Thai fishcakes @ £4.30
~ Aromatic crispy duck (a quarter) with 6 pancakes, cucumber, spring onion, and hoi sin sauce @ £7.00


Tod mun Thai fishcakes, seseame prawn toast, chicken satay

Chinese cuisine is possibly my least favourite but I do love crispy duck pancakes when done properly. And these didn’t disappoint (the duck was roasted and crispy with little trace of fat, pancakes were paper thin and light, and the hoi sin sauce was great). The tod mun fishcakes weren’t the best I’ve ever tasted but they weren’t bad by any means.

Crispy duck pancakes – crispy, shredded duck with a great hoi sin sauce

For main course, K chose beef in black bean sauce with green peppers (tender beef stir fried in a special black bean paste with onion, pepper and carrot) @ £4.40 and mushroom egg fried rice @ £3.40, while I had vegetarian Thai green curry (stuffed full of crispy tofu, water chestnut, Chinese mushrooms, carrot and bamboo shoots) @ £3.80 with steamed white rice @ £2.20.

Thai green curry with tofu + veggies

Beef in black bean sauce + Thai green tofu curry

Haute cuisine this aint. But for a good value, convenient and *not overly unhealthy* Chinese delivery option, New Winner was a hit. We’ll order again, not frequently. But we’ll be back.

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 3 / 5
~ Type: Chinese, Asian
~ Address: 278 Lewisham High Street, Lewisham, London
~ Postcode: SE13 6JZ
~ Tel: 020 8690 7614
~ Website + menus: New Winner website
~ Photos on flickr: images of New Winner food
~ Location: New Winner map
~ Delivery through: Just Eat

More Lewisham Borough take-aways:
~ Catford Chippy
~ El Poco Mexico – eat in or take-away
~ FS2 – Turkish deliveries
~ Pide – Turkish pizza
~ Sapporo Ichiban – Japanese/sushi collections
~ Turkish Kitchen

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Turkish Kitchen – Catford

We don’t eat a lot of take-aways (honest) but this week we’ve had two. Both Turkish. Both ordered through Just Eat. And both possibly from the same people as it turns out (I only happened to notice that Pide and Turkish Kitchen have next-door addresses when writing this blog post).

So, it’s a Tuesday night and we fancy some Turkish meze type sharing food. Turkish Kitchen fits the bill.

TurkishKitchen_selection Turkish Kitchen meze – grilled lamb kebab, sucuk, borek, halim, falafel

We order:
~ Sucuk – Turkish garlic sausage @ £3.75
~ Borek – deep fried filo pastry filed with creamy Turkish cheese + parsley @ £3.55
~ Hellim (halloumi) – Cyprus cheese, charcoal grilled @ £3.95
~ Falafel – pan-fried balls of ground chick-peas, garlic, onions, celery, dill and parsley, served with hummus @ £3.45

~ Incik Guvec – lamb chunks stewed for hours in spices + vegetable sauce to give a soft delicate texture, served with rice @ £9.45
~ Iskender Kebab Izgara – charcoal grilled lamb fillet cubes served with butter coated homemade bread with yogurt + special Anatolian sauce, topped with drizzled butter @ £9.45

IMG_7944b_ingil Slow stewed lamb – Incik Guvec

Mixed salad

The Turkish mixed salad contained a variety of ingredients, including a mix of leaves, hummus, olives, and cous cous. And lovely and fresh. All good quality, tasty fresh food and reasonably priced.

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 3.5 / 5
~ Type: Turkish
~ Address: 15 Catford Hill, Catford, London
~ Postcode: SE6 4NU
~ Tel: 020 8613 9370
~ Nearest station: Catford, Catford Bridge
~ Website: Turkish Kitchen website
~ Menu on Just Eat: Turkish Kitchen menu
~ Photos on flickr: images of Turkish Kitchen food
~ Location: Turkish Kitchen map

RELATED LINKS More Catford dining: ~ Catford Chippy ~ El Poco Mexico ~ FS2 – Turkish deliveries ~ Mekan ~ Sapporo Ichiban

Turkish Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Pide – Grandfather of pizza

20170707_Pide delivery via JustEat
Another gorgeous Pide delivery through Just Eat – July 2017 

Turkish pide is the original pizza so the story goes: an Italian misheard an Ottoman sailor whose mouth was full of the stuff and it became known as pizza. Apparently.

Who knows if there’s any truth in the tale. More importantly, who cares. An interesting alternative to pizza (oval shaped bread base instead of round, with Turkish food toppings) our experience was a good one.

My Photo Stream-657
from a “traditional Anatolian recipe dating back thousands of years”

We were excited to discover PIDE on Just Eat on Sunday evening. We both love Turkish food and fancied something easy like pizza, so – a perfect combination.

There’s a deal for three pides for £16.95 at the mo, and the selection certainly doesn’t resemble your average pizza menu. We chose:

Mantar – Mushrooms, tomato puree, onions, garlic, olive oil, cheddar, mozzarella cheese and dried red basil
Peynir – Kashar cheese, feta cheese, mozzarella, onions, fresh mint, parsley + tomatoes
Meatballs – Lamb meatballs, onions, peppers, tomatoes, parsley, cheddar + mozzarella cheese

My Photo Stream-652
Mantar pide (mushroom)

I absolutely love mushrooms, they’re one of my favourite foods. There was nothing disappointing about this mantar pide at all. But it was the least exciting of the three.

My Photo Stream-649
Peynir pide – cheesy kashar + feta with fresh mint leaves

You could say the peynir pide is a Turkish take on a cheese feast but with its contrasting bitter cheese and fresh mint leaf flavours, it’s original. And amazing.
My Photo Stream-650
Lamb meatballs pide Succulent spicy lamb meatballs in a tomato-ey sauce.

Need I say more? Go on, give it a try.

Restaurant info:
– Lardbutty rating: 4 / 5
– Type: Turkish, pizza
– Address: 15a Catford Hill, Catford, London
– Postcode: SE6 4NU
– Tel: 020 8690 0543
– Nearest station: Catford, Catford Bridge
– Website + menus: Pide website
– Pide on Just Eat: PIDE on Just Eat
– Photos on flickr: images of Pide food
– Location: Pide map

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Pide on Urbanspoon

Woondal – Indian deliveries

For dinner this evening, we both wanted authentic Indian (as opposed to my homemade) and felt like trying somewhere new.

We had a browse of Just Eat and settled on Woondal (a Hungry House ‘Top Takeaway 2013’).

As ever, ordering and paying online through Just Eat was straight-forward. The estimated delivery time was one hour, but pleasingly it arrived after about 45 minutes.

For starters we shared:
~ Sheek Kebab – minced lamb flavoured with nutmeg, mint, brown onion + ginger, cooked in the tandoor @ £3.75
~ Paneer Tikka – six cubes of paneer marinated in a tangy sauce, with salad + mint sauce @ £3.25 *divine*
~ Onion Bhajis – sliced onions mixed with chickpeas, lentils, flour + spices, deep fried to a crispy texture @ £3.25 (four chunks)

Woondal starters (l-r): chunky onion bhajis, paneer tikka cubes, sheek kebab

All of the starters were really tasty. The chunky bhajis were full of flavour (nice and soft in the middle in contrast with their crispy shell) and the minced lamb sheek kebab was also really tender, spicy and tasty but the highlight was the paneer tikka (marinated cheese with barbecue flavours) – gorgeous.

For main course I had Bengali fish fry @ £8.45 – a whole fillet of tilapia (lightly battered in a spicy flour coating) served with seasoned sliced onions, peppers and tomatoes (a dry dish, no sauce) which was very good but not dissimilar to something I regularly cook (and is easy to cook) at home.

IMG_6637_Bengali Fish Fry
Plentiful onions, peppers and tomatoes in the fish fry – a dry dish

IMG_6640_Bengali Fish Fry + Lamb Shatkora
Woondal signature dishes: Bengali fish fry (left) + lamb shatkora (right) on coconut rice

K had ordered lamb shatkora @ £7.45 – described as “lamb cooked with the finest Indian vegetable, shatkora, which releases a wonderful fragrant aroma”.

The nicest way of describing this is that it was like chewing a lemon hand-wipe. Shatkora is a citrus (from Bangladesh I think) and while it was supposed to “release a fragrant aroma” and give a citrus flavour to the lamb, it completely overpowered it (I suspect a slippage with the shatkora quantities…). K couldn’t eat any of it, neither the sauce nor the lamb. It wasn’t pleasant and it got left.

Including a side of coconut rice @ £2.95 and two breads – a chapati @ £1.20 and plain nan @ £2.25 – the total for this food delivery came to £33.00. We’ll definitely order from Woondal again but we’ll avoid shatkora.

Left over lamb shatkora
Camera Roll-14

To avoid wasting the lamb shatkora the following day I looked up ‘how to negate the flavour of lemons‘ and found this helpful advice on I added butter, plenty of tomato sauce and rosemary to combat the overpowering citrus flavour, which did work to a certain extent.

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 3.5 / 5
~ Type: Indian, Bangladeshi
~ Address: Delivered from 5 Ascot Parade, Clapham Park Road, London, SW4 7EY
~ Deliver to: SW4, SW2, SW8, SW9, SW11, SW12, SW16, SW17, SW18 & SE17, SE21, SE24, SE27, SE5, SE15, SE22
~ Open: Sunday – Thursday: 5.30pm – 11.00pm, Friday & Saturday: 5.30pm -11.30pm
~ Tel: 020 7627 2099 / 020 7720 0169
~ e: (or catering requests to:
~ Nearest station: n/a
~ Website + menus: Woondal website
~ Photos on flickr: images of Woondal food


More Indian deliveries (South West London):

~ Noiya – Indian restaurant + deliveries, Battersea
~ The Gurkha’s Diner – Nepalese restaurant + deliveries, Balham

Woondal on Urbanspoon