Bincho unagi restaurant in Ginza – eely eely good

Hitsumabushi grilled eel meal – Bincho in Ginza 備長 銀座店

I’ve been looking forward to visiting an unagi (freshwater eel) restaurant all holiday. And Bincho in Marronier Gate – at the top of Tokyo Hands department store – was worth the wait. I found it listed under best unagi restaurants in Ginza on the picrumb food blog – a reliable food directory in my experience, and one I recommend.

We had hitsumabushi – chopped broiled eel cooked over charcoals with a secret tasty soy flavoured sauce, on top of white rice – really crispy and absolutely gorgeous. Japanese eel is right up there as one of my most favourite foods.

Hitsumabushi menu at Bincho Ginza aka. Binchou
ひつまぶし備長 銀座店

While the interior decor of Bincho is simple, classy, and well, very Japanese in style, the laminated menu and plastic tray might give a European visitor the impression of being a greasy spoon or motorway service station. It’s not.

Eel meal at Bincho Ginza
Dinner is served – eel + shōchū

Plastic trays take a bit of getting used to – they might be associated with self-service canteens in the UK but they’re commonplace in restaurants in Japan (keeping food and utentils off the table; keeping things clean and orderly, as with the abundance of food packaging).

Eely good

Eel meal at Bincho
Eel meal deal x2

Eel restaurant - Bincho Ginza
Bincho interior – on 12th floor of Maronnier Gate, at top of Tokyo Hands department store

The verdict: If you’re in Tokyo, visit Binchou. That’s all there is to it.

Restaurant info:
– Lardbutty rating: 4.5 / 5
– Type: Eel restaurant
– Address: 2-2-14, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Marronnier Gate 12th floor
– Tel: +81 3-5159-0231
– Website + menus: Bincho website
– Photos on flickr: Bincho photos
– Location: Bincho Ginza