Eat fresh raw tuna at Tsukiji Fish Market

When the tuna’s so fresh, there’s blood on the rice…

Tsukiji Fish Market is one of the world’s largest fish markets and one of Tokyo’s biggest tourist attractions. Don’t miss it – whether or not you watch the tuna auctions in the early hours, it’s a must visit later in the morning for a fresh raw fish lunch.

On our visit earlier today, 4 January 2017, there were long queues coming out of many of the little diners. We chose Maguro Isuke spontaneously, while wandering around, as it looked appealing and there wasn’t much of a queue.


Inside Tsukiji magoro
Inside Tsukiji Maguro Isuke

Inside 築地マグロ伊助 Tsukiji Maguro Isuke (maguro means tuna), the menu offers a variety of fresh tuna dishes, along with tempura and yam (another speciality).

Cheek meat Tatsuta-Age – tuna cheek soaked in soy sauce + ginger and lightly battered @ 980 Yen

Soft cod roe tempura – @ 780 yen

We order an obligatory Suntory malty lager each, and tatsuta-age (tuna cheek) and cod roe tempura to start. The tuna cheek is really quite meaty and the batter is light, thin and crisp.

Selection of different raw cuts of tuna with rice and pickles @ 1,380 yen

When the tuna’s so fresh, there’s blood on the rice

For mains we share マグロ漬丼 ヅケド – a rice bowl with three different cuts of raw tuna, served with pickles @ 1,380 yen (quite literally the freshest raw tuna I’ve ever eaten – there’s even some blood on the rice but don’t let that put you off; it’s exceptional) and 築地めしツキジメ (jinenjo-tsukiji- meshi) – a rice bowl with yam, raw tuna and seaweed @ 1,000 yen.

Rice bowl with raw tuna, yam, seaweed @ 1,000 yen

We end up drinking two lagers each. Altogether four lagers total 1,160 yen. And the total bill for two comes to 5,500 yen (for the likes of menus and bills, the Google translate app comes in handy). That’s just under £40.00. A bargain at £20.00 a head.





The verdict: Looking at Tsukiji Maguro Isuke’s website now, it says Fresh raw tuna – you’ve never tasted tuna this fresh before!

I hadn’t. And it was just stunning. The only disappointing outcome is that I’m probably ruined for finding raw tuna this good back in the UK. This was seriously special; don’t miss it.


Tsukiji Maguro Isuke – restaurant info:
– LardButty rating: 5/5

– Address: Japan, 〒104-0045 Tōkyō-to, Chūō-ku, 中央区Tsukiji, 6 Chome−6−22−3
– Tel: +81 3-6226-2540
– Tuna Isuke website+ menus
– My photos on flickr: Maguro Isuke food – see more photos>>>
– Location: Tsujiki Maguro Isuke map



Cape Town Fish Market at Oxford Circus

When you first walk into Cape Town Fish Market at Oxford Circus, the feel of the place is really impressive. It’s a vast restaurant appealingly laid out with different sections (a large sushi bar, separate dining table areas and downstairs for the hibachi grills), interesting decor including a big water feature, and fresh fish (helpfully labelled) displayed on ice and – on my visit last night – a welcoming greeting on arrival.

With such an impressive start, my expectations were well and truly raised – especially with such a scrumptious looking menu offering all sorts of fish and seafood from oysters to sushi to sole and calamari. But while food was mostly satisfactory, it didn’t quite hit the high standard I’d hoped for.

For starters we had baby squid (the main flavour of which was burnt oil) and dressed crab (lovely but no denying that the ‘tangy mayo’ was Marie Rose sauce).

Grilled baby squid in a robata sauce – tasted of burnt oil – @ £7.75

Dressed crab with fresh lime and tangy mayo @ £8.95

220g of sea bass @ £14.95 with heaps of home-made coleslaw/ raw cabbage (somewhat bland and devoid of any interesting flavours)

Large interior – quite empty on a Thurs eve

While I don’t think this restaurant will help me in my quest to be converted to like oysters, it does – on the plus side – accept Tastecard (the discount is currently two-for-one, for a maximum party size of two).

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 3 / 5
~ Type: International
~ Address: 6 Argyll Street, London
~ Postcode: W1F 7TE
~ Tel: 020 7437 1143
~ Nearest station: Oxford Circus
~ Website: Cape Town Fish Market website
~ Location: Cape Town Fish Market map

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