LardButty in Berlin – brunch at Zitrone

Berliner Frühstück # 2 of 3

For today’s breakfast (well, brunch) we head out of Mitte to the trendy Kreuzberg district, to Zitrone.

The weather’s mild so we sit outside in the wide, tree-lined boulevard of a street where there’s seating for about 60.

Camera Roll-153
Zitrone – plenty of outdoor seating on these wide streets

We’re planning to stroll over to the East Side Gallery afterwards and are not in any rush. That said, service is incredibly slow. We enjoy leisurely drinks of fresh orange and ginger tea, and hefeweizen beers between us, then even our waitress eventually asks us with surprise if our food still hasn’t arrived…

D has a breakfast Istanbul – fried eggs which look perfectly runny (if slightly greasy) with Sucuk (Turkish spicy sausage), peppers, tomato, olives and marinated feta cheese @ € 6.70

Camera Roll-151
Breakfast Istanbul – Sucuk, olives and marinated feta cheese.

K homes in on the leberkäse special with fried eggs, spinach and fried potatoes @ €8.50. He *loves* this German meat-loaf speciality (though it reminds me of tinned Spam).

Camera Roll-152
Mittagessen – lunch special: leberkäse, eggs, spuds + spinach

It’s a salat ziegenkase for me – goats cheese with pesto on crusty baguette slices (bruschetta style) with a dressed salad of leaves, carrots, tomatoes and cucumber @ €7. The goats cheese has been lightly grilled. It’s nicely salty, a bit halloumi-like in texture, and is really good.

Camera Roll-150
Goats cheese salad

I’d happily be a regular customer here, if I lived nearby.

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 3 / 5
~ Type: German (in Germany)
~ Address: Graefe Straße 20, 10967 Berlin Kreuzberg
~ Nearest station: Schönleinstr. -U
~ Website: Zitrone website
~ Menu: Zitrone menu
~ Photos on flickr: images of Zitrone
~ Location: Zitrone map


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