Duck with whisky + passion fruit sauce

Yuletide duck recipe

When Ashburton-trained Chef H had the splendid idea of coming over to cook and spend a leisurely day eating together, K and I naturally jumped at the chance.

Initially, we were a bit dubious about the suggested dish though: duck with a whisky, black treacle and passion fruit sauce (duck can be fatty when it’s not crispy-Peking-duck-pancakes, can’t it? Doesn’t that sound like a waste of whisky? etc).

If that’s what you’re thinking too, keep an open mind and prepare to be converted…

OK so this iphone snap doesn’t do the dish justice:
IMG_1210c_sliced duck fillet

Download duck + whisky and passion fruit recipe here


• 4 duck breasts
• 4 passion fruits
• 2 star anise
• 70ml of whisky (we used Glenlivet)
• 100ml of maple syrup
• 10g of black treacle
• Vegetables of choice – such as new potatoes with chives, green beans

Whisky + passion fruit sauce in 3 steps

Passion fruit sauce_002
1. Heat four passion fruits with two star anise + whisky; 2. Stir in maple syrup + black treacle; 3. Reheat later when ready to serve with duck


1. Heat the pulp, seeds + flesh of four passion fruits with the star anise + whisky
2. Stir in maple syrup + black treacle + bring to the boil, then remove from heat + allow flavours to infuse
3. Score the skin on the duck breasts (diagonal criss-crosses) and generously season with salt + black pepper
4. Heat a wok or pan until very hot, then place the duck breasts skin side down (no oil required, duck meat is oily enough)
5. Reduce the heat + fry for five minutes until golden brown (drain the fat from the pan and place duck breasts on kitchen towel to remove excess fat) then cook for a further five minutes (until the skin is golden brown, and the duck meat medium rare/pink inside) – slice the breasts when ready to serve
6. Serve with vegetables of your choice such as new potatoes with butter + chives + green beans
7. Reheat the whisky and passion fruit sauce before serving with sliced duck breast

Duck breasts in 3 steps

Duck fillets 002
1. Score + season the duck fillets; 2. Fry duck fillets (drain off fat); 3. Rest the breasts before slicing + serving

Sliced duck with passion fruit sauce, new potatoes + green beans

An excellent recipe choice, this dish was stunning. The passion fruit, black treacle, maple syrup and whisky flavours in the sauce perfectly complement this dark, strong meat. And it makes for an interesting alternative to other Christmas birds and game.

Download duck + whisky and passion fruit recipe here

~ Great British Chefs website: Marcello Tully’s original recipe
~ Photos on flickr whisky duck

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