Boqueria Battersea

A new branch of Boqueria opened recently on Queenstown Road in a prime spot near Battersea Park. It’s as much a deli, serving lunchtime treats to local workers, as a more formal tapas restaurant.

Camera Roll-64
Boqueria Battersea – new branch on Queenstown Road with roadside seating

On completing our D.I.Y. shopping chores (yawn) the other Saturday morning in a hired zip car, we spontaneously decided to delay doing said D.I.Y., in favour of trying a take-away tapas lunch from Boqueria Market.

A scorching hot day, this new branch was busy, with all five (circa) of the outdoor tables occupied. Now this branch is beautifully done out but those outdoor tables are still on traffic-heavy Queenstown Road and Battersea Park Road…

Indoors, some customers were sitting in the deli area on high stools having a leisurely lunch and cocktails, and a few were dining in the restaurant at the back. All looked to be relaxed and enjoying themselves.

Camera Roll-66
Deli counter – salads, snacks, tuna empanadillas, variety of cakes

Camera Roll-67
Simple rustic-feel restaurant area – small restaurant at the back

The deli counter displayed a tempting selection of salads and cakes, not to mention tuna empanadillas (tomato and tuna pie) @ £3.50 a slice so – along with all the tapas options too – there’s plenty of choice.

Camera Roll-68
Whole jambon

For the two of us to share I ordered:
~ Bread @ £1.60 + marinated olives @ £2.00
~ Patatas bravas – lightly spicy crispy potatoes @ £4.20
~ Chorizo in cider @ £4.90
~ Pork + beef meatballs in tomato sauce @ £6.00
~ Spanish tortilla @ £4.90

Camera Roll-70
Tapas take-away lunch

Our total lunch for two came to £23.90 – very reasonable for freshly prepared, good quality, and thoroughly enjoyable food. Certainly as good as Brixton Boqueria.

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 4 / 5
~ Type: Spanish, tapas
~ Address: 278 Queenstown Road, Battersea, London
~ Postcode: SW8 4LT
~ Tel: 020 7498 8427
~ Nearest station: Battersea Park
~ Website + menus: Boqueria market website
~ Photos on flickr: images of Boqueria food
~ Location: Boqueria Battersea map

More Battersea dining:
~ Dalila – top Lebanese restaurant
~ Nancy Lam’s Enak Enak – *best* restaurant on Lavender Hill (Indonesian / SE Asian fusion)
~ Santa Maria del Sur

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Boqueria tapas

Brixton’s Boqueria

Situated half-way between Clapham Common and Brixton tube stations (about 1 km or a 10 minute walk from each), Boqueria is well worth the short stroll. It’s been open two years now and gets rave reviews; its reputation living up to the popular Barcelona market after which it’s named (El Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria).

Boqueria on Acre Lane

Having been recommended to me recently (by a reliable source, you know who you are…) H and I decided to give it a try last night while we were out and about in Brixton.

The bar area was bustling as we entered for 7.30pm; we were promptly greeted and taken to our reserved table in the back room.

Our menu choices

Waiting staff were helpful and not only explained some of the menu items and specials but really sold them to us too! Roast almonds and a bottle of Garnacha tinta (Cop de Ma) @ £21.00 were brought to us swiftly, to occupy us while reading the menu.

We ordered pork croquetas @ £6.30 from the daily specials board and boiled octopus (pulpo) with paprika on a bed of potatoes @ £7.30, pork and beef meatballs (albondigas) in tomato sauce @ £6.00, Monkfish Catalana with prawns @ £7.90, and tuna carpaccio with garlic, almond, soy sauce, and fresh tomato @ £6.80.

Octopus, monkfish, tuna carpaccio, pork croquetas, meatballs

The plates were excellent on the whole (especially the monkfish, octopus and meatballs, less so the pork croquetas which were slightly bland) and were generous portions (five dishes was plenty enough for two of us). This was really good quality food, with fantastic service and reasonably priced @ £55.30 excluding service.

I’ll definitely be going back. Hopefully soon…

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 4 / 5
~ Type: Spanish, tapas
~ Address: 192 Acre Lane, London
~ Postcode: SW2 5UL
~ Tel: 020 7733 4408
~ Nearest station: Brixton, Clapham Common
~ Website + menus: Boqueria website
~ Photos on flickr: images of Boqueria food
~ facebook page: Boqueria facebook page
~ Location: Boqueria map

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LardButty in Berlin – Volver tapas

We came to Berlin today to visit a friend who lives in Mitte. Our first meal out together is at Volver (meaning to return to), a Spanish tapas restaurant in the local district.

IMG_6335b_VOLVER-TAPAS-RESTAURANT Volver restaurant


It’s cosy, with an appealing bar area (decorated with hanging hams and garlic strings, and well stocked with wine – always appealing!) and the Proprietor is welcoming. D is a regular diner here. And that’s a good thing as she knows the menu well and makes some great recommendations.

Chicken legs, pork stew, chilli peppers, bacon-wrapped dates, ‘chorizo’ whole sausages


Tapas dishes vary in price but are inexpensive, averaging around €5 each (we note that prices in the menu translated to English are slightly higher than in the menu written in German!).

A variety of fresh bread and olives are brought to the table. And – between the three of us – we order a carafe of ‘country’ red wine and:
– Bacon-wrapped dates with almonds
– Salted chilli peppers
– Chicken legs
– Spanish sausage and cheese plate with toasted bread
– Chorizo/ whole spicy sausages
– Pork stew
– Grilled squid
– Spanish omelette
– Stuffed croquettes

Bacon-wrapped dates with almonds are a new tapas dish to me and go down very well.

This is good, fresh food and very reasonably priced: the total bill for three, including a tip comes to about €70. Incidentally, when asked about the higher prices on the English menu, the Proprietor explains that while the English menus are correct, he hasn’t had chance to update copies of the German menu yet… Hmmm…

Restaurant info:
– Lardbutty rating: 3.5 / 5
– Type: Spanish (in Germany)
– Address: Luisenstrasse 41, 10117 Berlin
– e:
– Nearest station: Hauptfbahnhof, Bundestag, Oranianburger Tor or Friedrichstrasse
– Website + menus: Volver website
– Photos on flickr images of Volver
– Location: Volver map

Volver re-visited 2016 – more food images:

All Photos-40
Bacon wrapped dates with almonds

All Photos-37
Salted chilli peppers

All Photos-38

All Photos-39
Chicken legs

All Photos-34
Manchego cheese

All Photos-36
Grilled squid



More Berlin dining:
Auszeit – good for brunch in a scenic spot
The Bird – simply the best chips ever + amazing meat. Go! what are you waiting for?
Makoto – great donburi at this Japanese noodle bar
Oranium – sausage-fest breakfast treats
Porta Nova – favolose Italian restaurant in Mitte
Volver – Spanish tapas restaurant
Zitrone – good brunch spot in Kreuzberg


Queen’s Head + Artichoke

Roast beef, roast veggies, Yorkshire pudding with creamed horseradish

A park-side gastro pub serving a winning combination of Spanish and British food, the Queen’s Head and Artichoke gets the Lardbutty ‘Sunday roast of the year 2010‘ award.

On my visit yesterday – before a screening of Alice in Wonderland at Regent’s Park open-air theatre – staff welcomed us as we walked in; were attentive while sharing a joke, and seemed to be enjoying themselves at work (a very good sign).

First deliberation: tapas or main food menu?

Both. Among our party of four we shared a few tapas (fabulous beetroot with creme fraiche + poppy seeds, grilled halloumi, salt + pepper calamari aioli and buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, basil + oil) and all opted for Sunday roast beef.

I’ll be visiting here again despite its location being nowhere near where I work or live – this place has got everything just right.

Queen’s Head + Artichoke, by Regent’s Park

Restaurant info:
~ Lardbutty rating: 4.5 / 5
~ Type: British, Spanish
~ Postcode: NW1 4EA
~ Nearest station: Great Portland Street
~ Website: Queens Head + Artichocke website
~ Menus (tapas + main): Queens Head + Artichoke menus
~ Location: Queens Head + Artichoke map, by Regent’s Park

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